Haberlerde State

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state capital Eyalet başkenti
state government Eyalet hükümeti
state highway Devlet yolu
state legislature Eyalet meclisi
state line Eyalet sınırı

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The New York Times
· Coronavirus Turns a Spanish Ocean Delicacy Back Into Daily Fare  
In mid-March, before Spain declared its coronavirus state of emergency, they fetched around 70 euros a kilogram.
Seeking Alpha
· EV Company News For The Month Of May 2020  
That would allow for a ten-fold increase in scale versus last year, according to state media.
· Sadness on the border as France turns back Belgian trippers  
The European Commission has attempted to coordinate the EU response to the global pandemic, but health measures are a matter for member states and the once largely border-free bloc is now a patchwork of regulations.
· Inside a virus vaccine production lab amid development race  
Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has downplayed the gravity of the epidemic and criticized lockdowns for paralyzing the economy and causing widespread unemployment and some states are preparing to ease quarantine restrictions despite warnings from public health experts who say the worst is still to come.
· Iran's foreign minister criticizes U.S. over death  
Colorado, California, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin have all activated their state national guards to maintain order, assist police, and stop violence, governors and state officials said.
The Japan Times
· Jin Sato: Taking a global view of state-society relations  
I am also working on the role of intermediary organizations as a buffer against state domination in resource governance.
The New York Times
· Live Updates and Video of George Floyd Protests in U.S.  
Some of the demonstrations have turned violent, prompting the activation of the National Guard in at least 10 states.
The New York Times
· Black Americans Have a Message for Democrats: Not Being Trump Is Not Enough  
She looked at the racially diverse group of thousands, which gathered for a short program on the State House steps before leading a march to the local police station.
The New York Times
· The Drive-In Theater: Keeping Drama Alive During the Lockdown  
The federal government is largely leaving the decision up to states, and some state leaders are leaving the decision up to local authorities.
The New York Times
· A Classically Inspired House, Complete with Tragedy  
The state rooms of the Villa Kérylos are on the ground floor, while the bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs.Credit...Francois Halard