“Stir” in the news

Example collocations

caused a stir
stir up

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· From evasion to evisceration: how the Cummings lockdown story unfolded  
It was the first Sunday of the month, a couple of hours before the Queen’s stirring promise to the nation that, however hard it was to endure separation from our loved ones, “we will meet again”.
The Guardian
· Cocktail of the week: Larry’s horn  
Build the drink in a similar style to an old fashioned: take a rocks glass, add half the whiskey, vermouth, Cynar and bitters, fill with ice and stir for five to six seconds.
· How to make the perfect pesto — and 5 recipes to get you started  
If you opt for using the food processor, “always pulse in the Parmesan or other cheese at the end or stir it in by hand,” says De Laurentiis.
The Guardian
· Folkestone turns gold and Edvard Munch's selfies – the week in art  
Why people are demanding a retrospective for this Scottish “painter of stirring genius”
The Age
· Why did we have to fight so hard to see the 'Palace Letters'? They weren't stashed in the Queen's bottom drawer  
As a Herald letter writer noted this was, “Ardern, Jacinda Ardern, shaken not stirred.”
The New York Times
· Feminist Rap Group in Iceland Looks Abroad After Making a Stir at Home  
The arrival of an all-woman troupe with a clear feminist agenda stirred things up.
Al Jazeera
· Ethiopian security forces accused of grave human rights abuses  
Amnesty said the opening up of the political space has coincided with politicians stirring up ethnic and religious animosities in their efforts to mobilise support, sparking inter-communal violence and armed attacks in several of the country's regional states.
· Wall Street Week Ahead: Investors eye consumer discretionary stocks as US reopens  
A gradual lifting of lockdowns in some states has stirred hopes for a bounce back for the retailers that make up much of the sector.
The Guardian
· The best home entertainment: from Queer Eye to Dear …  
A paean to the men and women of the Auxiliary Fire Service, it is no propaganda piece but a simple, stirring recreation of the everyday lives and acts of courage of the firefighters.Saturday 30 May, 12.10pm, Talking Pictures TV
The Age
· Helen Goh's lemon brownies with winter berries  
Using a wooden spoon, stir to combine; don’t be too vigorous as the butter will splatter.