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Seeking Alpha
· Natural gas extends slide amid global glut  
Today's drop accelerated after U.S. inventory levels rose last week by slightly more than expected to bring stockpiles 42% above the year-ago level.
The New York Times
· Coronavirus Continues to Disrupt Prescription Drug Supplies  
Dr. Warraich said that the trend likely reflected doctors and patients preparing for the pandemic by stockpiling medications that are routinely use for chronic conditions.
· California readies for 'realistic' nightmare — raging wildfires during a pandemic  
The state is also maintaining a stockpile of millions of masks, gloves and face shields, and reserving thousands of ventilators and extra hospital beds, he said.
Seeking Alpha
· Endeavour Silver restarts Mexico mining operations  
At each mine, the plants have started processing ore stockpiles to quickly ramp up to their capacities while the mines catch up on stope development and ore extraction, Endeavour says.
· Iran dismisses 'desperate' US move to end nuclear waivers  
In May 2019, Iran announced it was suspending nuclear commitments to the deal, starting with removing limits on its heavy water and enriched uranium stockpiles.
· Dollar Tree quarterly same-store sales rise 7per cent  
Dollar Tree Inc reported a surge in quarterly same-store sales on Thursday, joining rival Dollar General , as the discount retailer benefited from consumers stockpiling on groceries and other essentials due to the coronavirus crisis.
Technology Org
· How often do vaccine trials hit paydirt?  
Many governments may not have perceived a need to develop and stockpile vaccines, thereby reducing the demand for vaccine research and making it less rewarding for private industry.
The New York Times
· We Need a Voice for Public Health in the President’s Cabinet  
In theory, these entities taken together should have put in place the measures needed to ensure an effective early warning system, an adequate strategic stockpile, needed hospital surge capacity and an intergovernmental compact with state and local agencies on who would do what.
The Independent
· World Hunger Day: What food banks really need you to donate right now  
“Food donations went down dramatically at first as people were stockpiling for themselves,” a spokesperson from the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN), which works with more than 250 food banks all over the UK, told The Independent.
The Age
· Health Minister tells dodgy face mask sellers they 'will be prosecuted'  
Acting health department secretary Caroline Edwards told the Senate inquiry into the government's COVID-19 response on Tuesday that masks purchased for the stockpile were tested before being distributed to medical professionals, but not all of those bought had yet been tested.