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during a storm
during the storm
storm caused
storm surge
tropical storm

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Seeking Alpha
· STORE Capital: Conservative, Resilient, And Cheap  
Those that have weathered the storm so far are attractive.
The Verge
· The UAE’s first interplanetary mission to Mars set for launch  
Such a tool could help planetary scientists learn more about the extreme events on Mars, such as the global dust storms that sometimes engulf the planet.
· Houston public health system CEO says coronavirus situation is "dire"  
Why it matters: New York hospitals never became so overwhelmed that patients were abandoned in hallways, but the situation became dire after lockdowns were in place, and became a matter of riding out the storm, writes Axios' Caitlin Owens.
Scientific American
· How a Small Arab Nation Built a Mars Mission from Scratch in Six Years  
It is taking a wide and distant route, so it will be the first probe to give a comprehensive picture of Mars’s atmosphere, its clouds, gases and dust storms, throughout the entire day, rather than at individual time slots or locations.
Seeking Alpha
· Vanguard Small-Cap Value ETF May Continue To Underperform  
Many small-cap stocks in VBR’s portfolio may not be able to weather the storm caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, as they do not have strong balance sheets like their large-cap peers.
Financial Express
· Biocon to launch drug for COVID-19 patients; priced at Rs 8,000 per vial  
“When COVID happened, we said it actually gives us a very strong case to try it (Itolizumab)?for COVID, because we do believe that the unique mechanism of action that it has can help us deal with this storm that we have seen is killing patients,”Mazumdar-Shaw said.
Seeking Alpha
· Is Viad A Coiled Spring?  
Generally, I try to avoid this discussion, but with VVI, we are walking directly into the eye of the storm, so alas it must be done.
The Guardian
· Is the word 'Macbeth' really cursed?  
The execution of James’s mother, Mary, Queen of Scots, was said to have inspired a long-lasting obsession with the dark arts, one compounded after the king was caught in a brutal storm at sea when he was king of Scotland.
Seeking Alpha
· LF Capital Acquisition Corp. Warrants: Potentially Significant Upside By September 22, 2020  
The U.S. commercial banking industry is going through a perfect storm due to a host of challenges:
· Indian Bollywood stars diagnosed with COVID-19 as WHO registers record global cases  
“The coronavirus storm is far fiercer and more destructive than any we have known,” he said in a televised address, according to Reuters.