“Storm” in the news

Example collocations

during a storm
during the storm
storm caused
storm surge
tropical storm

Publications and example sentences

· Iowa pushes to reopen despite continued 'substantial spread' of COVID19  
And on Thursday, another meatpacking plant reported an outbreak: the Tyson plant in Storm Lake is shutting down temporarily after 555 workers tested positive.
· Fiction Friday: An Excerpt From Naoise Dolan's 'Exciting Times'  
The one piece of news I could offer was that a tropical storm was coming.
The China Post
· Battered Caribbean prepares for hurricanes amid pandemic  
Caribbean islands have rarely been so vulnerable as an unusually active hurricane season threatens a region still recovering from recent storms as it fights a worsening drought and a pandemic that has drained budgets and muddled preparations.
The Age
· Second wave, ripples or flare-ups – what next for the pandemic?  
You don’t know exactly how big the storm will be or when it will hit, but you know it's coming.
The Guardian
· 'Really tired and fed up': George Floyd protesters demand action on racism  
Sharpton and many of the other speakers at the gathering emphasized the need to focus on tackling systemic racism and how it led to Floyd’s death, rather than on the riots in the city, which have seen a police precinct stormed, multiple buildings set alight and businesses looted, making international headlines.
The Independent
· ‘People are tired of seeing black men die constantly’: Anger towards US police mounts after George Floyd killing  
Dozens had stormed a Target in neighbouring St Paul on Thursday and grabbed items they did not pay for, police said.
Seeking Alpha
· The Gold/Silver Ratio Begins To Trend Lower  
Since March, and my May 9 piece, the price of silver has come storming back in the upside.
The Rio Times
· ‘Environmental Sleeping Giants’ Exposes Brands Linked to Controversial Brazilian Environment Minister  
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Given the storm brought on by the advent of Sleeping Giants in Brazil, a profile that denounces companies advertizing on far-right wing and fake news websites, the strategy of exposing brands and companies on social media is starting to take shape on other fronts.
The Age
· Chook, line and sinker as Tedesco reels in Mitchell and Rabbitohs  
The premiers defended four straight sets but struggled to contain Murray who stormed on to a Mitchell short ball and brushed aside Flanagan.
The Age
· It's fanciful to think everybody on Earth is watching the NRL  
I knew in the wake of the NRL starting up again on Thursday evening there would be a storm of narky emails and tweets pointing out your humble correspondent had been opposed to the government – of all industries stopped at the traffic lights – effectively waving the leaguies through first.