Haberlerde Strangle

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The Independent
· Gayle King says it’s ‘open season’ on black men in America following Amy Cooper and Minneapolis incidents  
She said she was “rattled” by the video of Cooper, who she says was “practically strangling her dog to make these false accusations against another black man”, as well as the Minneapolis one in which “we’re watching a man die”.  Copy example sentence
The China Post
· Man pleads not guilty to murdering missing Missouri wife  
Prosecutors allege Elledge strangled or suffocated his wife because he wanted to avoid a costly divorce and to prevent her from fleeing to China with their daughter.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Hundreds of animals in Welsh zoo may have to be killed due to lack of funds amid coronavirus pandemic, owners say  
The zoo, which houses more than 300 animals, has previously faced calls to close after it emerged a lynx was accidentally strangled in “a terrible handling error” just days before a second lynx was shot and killed following an escape.  Copy example sentence
· K-12 schools keep mishandling sexual assault complaints. Will new Title IX regulations help?  
Doe and her parents told administrators multiple times about the harassment — including that one of Smith’s friends threatened to strangle her — but the school did nothing to stop it, according to the civil complaint.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· From Germany to Detroit and back: how Kraftwerk forged an industrial exchange  
Once that connection was made, only the UK could compete in terms of its burgeoning dance music culture and allure for international artists, though it didn’t last – 1994’s Criminal Justice Bill strangling the emergent rave scene.  Copy example sentence