Haberlerde Strangle

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The Guardian
· 'We’re going to survive': Queensland tourism operators chart a course in rough seas  
That delay, wrote Edmondson, would “inadvertently strangle our tourism industry and far north Queensland with a slow painful death of our economy and employment”.
The New York Times
· How ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Survived the Pandemic  
“It made me think, ‘Coronavirus must have strangled our passion, too.’”
The Guardian
· Run the Jewels: ‘I want the oppressors to know that they haven’t created complete hopelessness’  
“Well, whatever minuscule issues that might have been there are magnified,” El-P nods, “because you’re living together on a bus for a year and a half, so you end up wanting to strangle your friend.
Al Jazeera
· In the Gulf, migrant workers bear the brunt of the pandemic  
Now, even this last line of social protection is strangled by stay-at-home orders, creating a vast need that is not being met by governments so accustomed to offloading responsibility.
The Japan Times
· Why China chose to act in Hong Kong  
But such laws have been delayed for 23 years, since Hong Kong’s return to China, because the opposition has tried in every way possible to strangle them.
The Atlantic
· How Do You Kneel on a Neck for Nine Minutes?  
The only thing that has brought me close to this form of killing is Joshua Oppenheimer’s singular film The Act of Killing, about executioners in Indonesia with extensive experience strangling their victims.
The Guardian
· Tributes paid to Boys from the Blackstuff actor Michael Angelis  
With no money and no job and no, no … place!” The episode ends with him strangling and shooting his geese and pigeons just to provide dinner.
The Independent
· The bills for America's long-term complacency over racism have finally come due  
Yet another black man was strangled to death while begging for his life and pleading that he could not breathe, just a few years after a similar incident in New York.