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stray bullet
stray dogs

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· PS4 PS5 State of Play August 2020: Start time, live stream, games predictions  
Here is a list of all the other third-party games that featured during the June PS5 event: Project Athia, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Bugsnax, GhostWire: Tokyo, Deathloop, NBA2K21, Solar Ash, Little Devil Inside, Godfall, JETT: The Far Shore, Goodbye Volcano High, Stray, Oddworld: Soulstorm, GTA V, Hitman 3 and Pragmata.
Washington Post
· Global Forecast-Celsius  
Delhi, India;A thunderstorm;34;28;A stray p.m. t-storm;35;28;ESE;24;69%;72%;12
The Atlantic
· America’s Prosecutors Know What Bill Barr Did Was Wrong  
To understand just how far Barr strayed from the rule of law, it is important to understand how federal sentencing should work—and does work in cases other than those of the president’s friends.
· Crowdfunding and Nostalgia Fill a Hole in the Video Game Business  
(Even the name doesn't stray too far.)
Bangkok Post
· Police still doubt place officer killed was gambling den  
Stray bullets hit and killed two women.
The Thaiger
· Harry Potter-themed protest openly questions monarchy’s role  
Thai protesters strayed into more sensitive territory Monday night as they added the prickly, and largely taboo, topic of the Thai monarchy to the list of issues to include in their demonstrations.
The Atlantic
· Trump After Portland  
Tom Ridge, the department’s first secretary, appointed by former Republican President George W. Bush, told me that scenes from Portland demonstrate his old agency has strayed far from its intended purpose.
· Stray eludes several European dog catching teams on 2,000k journey  
A stray dog that has been roaming around Western Europe for months has been sighted in Didam in Gelderland, local broadcaster Omroep Gelderland reports.
Washington Post
· Biden’s VP should be prepared for an onslaught of online misogyny unlike anything seen before  
They also appeared less willing to shrug off such content as, say, the stray ranting of an eccentric uncle they ignore or perhaps should unfollow.
· NCIS season 18 spoilers: Gibbs to 'burn rule 12' on office romances as fans spot key clue  
Now approaching its 18th season, Gibbs has rarely strayed from his stern, calculated and determined manner but some fans are tipping a big change in the character following a key scene in the season 17 finale.