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available to stream Akış için kullanılabilir
live stream Canlı yayın
small stream Küçük akarsu
steady stream Sürekli akış
stream flows Akarsu akışları

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Seeking Alpha
· The Historic Rally In Corporate Bonds  
For equity investors who view current equity values as a future cash flow stream discounted back to the present, that discount rate is getting very low, driven by low interest rates and sharply lower credit spreads.
· As Bandcamp waives fees again, labels donate their portion to justice programs  
Without streaming services and vinyl, I dread to imagine what state my already fragile psyche might be in.
· The great writer of dread, Shirley Jackson, finally gets a movie that befits her legacy  
Shirley is streaming on Hulu and is available to digitally rent or purchase on platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, and on-demand providers.
The New York Times
· Jimmy Kimmel Does What He Can to Help Disney Attract Advertisers  
The head of streaming, Kevin Mayer, left Disney last month to become the chief executive of TikTok.
The Guardian
· 'I've made a studio outside my bathroom': how Doctor Who lovers took on lockdown  
Big Finish has also experimented with live broadcasts, streaming some of its audio stories over YouTube, with actors and writers including the eight Doctor, Paul McGann, tweeting and chatting along.
The Verge
· Google rolling out Google Plus replacement Currents to G Suite users in July  
The interface for Currents includes a home stream, which can either be ordered chronologically or by relevance, and allows sharing of links, images, text, polls, and content from Google Drive accounts.
The Economist
· #MeToo and film: After a two-year delay, “A Rainy Day in New York” is released online  
WOODY ALLEN’S new film will be available to stream in Britain from June 5th—but perhaps “new-ish film” would be more accurate.
The Independent
· Google+ rebranded as Currents for business users  
At its Build conference – streamed online due to the coronavirus pandemic – the company announced its Fluid Framework which would make document collaboration easier with live, constantly updatable graphs and spreadsheets that will eventually be rolled out to Office 365.
Sports Illustrated
· Austin Ekeler’s Underdog Story Is Complete . . . Almost  
He streamed full-body aerobic workouts with his girlfriend over Twitch and formed a video game streaming business that would allow pro football players to connect with fans while they play League of Legends, FIFA or Madden.
Sports Illustrated
· DFW Death of A Youth Sports Prodigy - And The Murder of A Broken Heart  
With a puncture through his neck and down toward his heart, thin streams of blood shoot wildly into the air with each weakening beat.