Haberlerde Strike

Örnek kollokasyonlar

general strike Genel grev
hunger strike Açlık grevi
lightning strike Şimşek çarpması
strike against Karşı saldırmak
went on strike Greve gitti

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The Age
· China's trade sweetener provides relief for Australian sugar  
China hit Australia with two trade strikes in early May on $1 billion worth of beef and barley.
The Independent
· Classical music is keeping a surprising number of people sane during lockdown – including me  
But what kind of music strikes the right note?
The Independent
· Remembering when Manchester United won the Champions League and the treble  
On 26 May 1999, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer struck late to secure the most famous win in club history
Yonhap News
· With umpires under microscope, KBO's new promotion-relegation system in spotlight  
The league will evaluate umpires' performances at the end of each season, based on consistency with their strike zone and on how often their calls are overturned after video reviews.
· Minister rules out giving street wardens weapons, as they go on strike  
‘Police should be the only ones allowed to use violence,’ Grapperhaus said ahead of a strike by wardens as part of their campaign to be armed.
The Guardian
· 'This makes Chinese medicine look bad': TCM supporters condemn illegal wildlife trade  
TCM encompasses many things – acupuncture therapies, breathing and physical exercise, eating habits related to particular conditions of the body and a variety of views about how to strike balance within the body, alongside medicinal TCM drugs.
The China Post
· Lebanon’s migrant workers’ plight worsens as crises multiply  
BEIRUT (AP) — Long before the pandemic struck, they lived and worked in conditions that rights groups called exploitative — low wages, long hours, no labor law protections.
The Age
· Teen feared for his life before fatally reversing into man, court told  
Setefano Pahul Tupou deliberately struck Timothy Williams after the 41-year-old father-of-two attacked the teen's vehicle at a Geelong beach car park on October 28, 2019.
· NRL to make against-the-odds return for sports-starved Australians  
There has also been a protracted pay dispute, a stand-off with players over compulsory flu vaccinations and threats by referees to strike over a decision to use only one on-field official.
The New York Times
· How Kobe Bryant Created His Own Olympic Dream Team  
Sure enough, there was something about Bryant’s demeanor, the way he carried himself, the way he spoke, that struck Colangelo as different.