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The New York Times
· Kris Kobach Is Back, and a Kansas Senate Seat May Be Up for Grabs  
Mr. Kobach’s polarizing presence in a race in a reliably Republican stronghold has party leaders worried that Kansas will become a high-stakes battleground for control of the Senate.
Financial Express
· Rights Entitlement: Sebi puts valuation prescription in place for subscription via renounced rights  
While it may not be possible to gauge the human toll and economic fallout at this point, it is amply clear that China is fast losing its stronghold as the global factory owing to the trust deficit that exists today between China and the rest of the world.
The Guardian
· Constituents bombard MPs with 180,000 emails about Dominic Cummings  
In the Tory stronghold of the south-west, Selaine Saxby, MP for North Devon, was hit with 800 messages and Cherilyn Mackrory, of Truro and Falmouth, said she had received nearly 1,000.
Seeking Alpha
· Stocks mixed as traders await Trump's China Presser  
U.S.-China tensions have been rising as Trump criticizes the Chinese government's response to the coronavirus outbreak and Chinese moves to increase its stronghold over Hong Kong.
Seeking Alpha
· Stocks To Buy In A Post-Pandemic World  
IBM has a stronghold in the cloud infrastructure, open source network programming with Red Hat acquisition and they are also a global leader in patents.
The New York Times
· Danger and Detective Work: How These Journalists Won a Pulitzer  
It’s a deliberate strategy to make civilian life unbearable in opposition strongholds.
· US puts up $3 million bounty for IS propagandist  
A Western-backed military campaign decimated the group's former stronghold but attacks linked to Islamic State extremists have been rising farther afield, including in Afghanistan and sub-Saharan Africa.
The Independent
· Trump isn't just about to lose the election. He's about to lose five or six elections for the Republicans to come  
Democrats need to defend just 12 seats, all in blue strongholds.
The New York Times
· 10 Weeks Into New York Area’s Lockdown, Who Is Still Getting Sick?  
In New Jersey, over the last two weeks, the county with the most new cases per capita was Cumberland, an agricultural stronghold near the southern tip of the state, where the virus spread considerably later than it did in the north.
The New York Times
· Where Coronavirus Help on Facebook Is ‘Inherently Political’  
After growing up in Warren, a working-class town in Macomb County, Ms. Schandevel enrolled in the University of Michigan as a kind of escape, not planning to return to a county long known as a stronghold for “Reagan Democrats.” But she became involved in organizing not far from her hometown and has worked for We the People-Michigan since graduating a year ago.