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· Fireball booms over US: 'Most amazing fireball I have ever seen'  
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· How Small Businesses Rescued Facebook  
Facebook ((FB) -Get Report) last week stunned investors who feared an ad boycott would undercut earnings.
· Tipping Point fans 'lash out' at contestant for answer blunder: 'Weren't you taught this?’  
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· The South Got Something To Say: A Celebration Of Southern Rap (2015-2019)  
Then you remember that he'd only been seriously rapping for about a year to that point, and he stuns all over again.
The Diplomat
· The US-China Relationship Is a Shakespearean Tragedy  
On the Chinese side, in the past — even during the Cultural Revolution — Premier Zhou Enlai’s diplomats were polite and maintained their good nature, whereas now the entire world is stunned to see some Chinese ambassadors and spokespersons making aggressive and astonishing remarks.
· James Jordan slams 'younger generation' over new lockdown rules 'They want to party'  
Emma Willis left stunned after Matt Willis' discovery 'In trouble now'[LATEST]Jeff Hordley's wife Zoe Henry announces big news 'We're thrilled'[TV]Jeremy Clarkson takes swipe at Boris Johnson’s weight loss[HEALTH]
Washington Post
· How white supremacy infected Christianity and the Republican Party  
Trump waited 48 hours to issue any statement, and when he did, he equivocated, stating there were “very fine people on both sides.” And I was stunned that Trump’s inability to flatly condemn neo-Nazis — who were chanting “Blood and soil!” and “Jews will not replace us” and who murdered a person protesting that hatred — had no discernible impact on his White Christian support.
· Elon Musk conspiracy: ‘Remarkable’ Great Pyramid find rubbishes SpaceX CEO's bizarre claim  
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