“Subpoena” in the news

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· Signal's new blur tool will help hide protesters' identities  
This may be partially because Signal doesn't keep its users' message data, making it ideal for those concerned the law enforcement might try to subpoena their chat logs.
· Fired watchdog tells Congress he informed top officials about probe into Pompeo and wife  
Both lawmakers said Linick’s comments are likely to prompt one or more congressional committees to subpoena Bulatao and other top State Department officials as they investigate whether Pompeo had Linick fired in retaliation for investigations Linick was pursuing involving the secretary.
Malay Mail
· Republican-led US Senate probe to hear first testimony on Trump-Russia investigation  
Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, a staunch Trump ally, has asked the panel to grant him authority to subpoena dozens of witnesses including Biden’s campaign chairman, Steve Ricchetti, who was also his chief of staff in the previous administration.
The New York Times
· Rod Rosenstein, Key Figure in Russia Investigation, Is to Testify Today  
Senators may question Mr. Rosenstein about his discussions with Mr. Mueller, particularly about the possibility of subpoenaing the president.
The Independent
· Attorney General Barr throws more forces at DC protests as Congress attacks his 'politicised' Justice Department  
The attorney general has defied multiple subpoenas from House Democrats, citing executive privilege.
The New York Times
· Regulators May Punish Deutsche Bank for Its Jeffrey Epstein Ties  
The attorney general for the United States Virgin Islands, Denise George, subpoenaed years of records from First Bank, a Puerto Rico-based lender that had provided banking services to Mr. Epstein for nearly two decades, according two people briefed on that investigation but not authorized to speak publicly.
Seeking Alpha
· The Economic Depression May Actually Save Fluor  
In fact, Fluor's charges were so large that the DOJ recently subpoenaed the company for documents relating to an SEC investigation regarding its extreme 2019 charges.
The New York Times
· Move to Drop Michael Flynn Charge Reverberates in Bijan Kian's Case  
Mr. Nadler also said he would use Congress’s spending power to try to cut funding for many of Mr. Barr’s pet initiatives, a threat that may move the attorney general more than a subpoena but could be hard to deliver on.