Substantial trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

more substantial Quan trọng hơn
substantial amount Số lượng đáng kể
substantial number Số lượng đáng kể
substantial part Phần đáng kể
substantial portion Phần đáng kể

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ
Sports Illustrated
· Film Breakdown: Seahawks LB Jordyn Brooks Has Elite Fundamentals  
“In order for Brooks to make substantial gains in 2019, he first had to buy into Scholz’s process.
The Independent
· France gives health workers €8bn in pay rises in response to coronavirus efforts  
A fortnight ago, on the eve of the NHS’s 72nd anniversary, more than a dozen health unions and organisations called on the government to shelve “ministerial platitudes” and to set up imminent talks for a “beyond substantial” pay rise in 2021/22.
Seeking Alpha
· SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense ETF: Defend The Momentum  
Other holdings also showed reliability with substantial revenues from the U.S. government.
Seeking Alpha
· Political Uncertainty Has Created Opportunity In Lockheed Martin  
In other words, Lockheed's backlog provides a substantial margin of safety against even extreme reductions in defense spending, at which point the politics of defense spending could shift.
The Guardian
· Oceans panel presses coastal states to invest in 'blue recovery'  
Report says there are substantial economic benefits to be had from ocean conservation
Seeking Alpha
· AT&T: How To Double Your Total Income Yield With Covered Calls To Almost 14%  
This is important on a stock like AT&T as the share price is on the lower end and slippage could have a substantial impact on this strategy in a less liquid stock.
Washington Post
· Britain to bar Huawei from its 5G wireless networks, part of a growing shift away from the Chinese tech giant  
“The direction of travel in the biggest countries is towards a substantial reduction in Huawei’s market share, and a gradual phasing out of the company over time,” said Noah Barkin, an expert on Europe-China relations at Rhodium Group, a New York-based independent research organization.
Seeking Alpha
· Occidental Petroleum: Near 8% Returns From New Options  
That means that, even if COVID-19 is removed from the equation, the company would have substantial difficulties recovering back to the same levels.
Seeking Alpha
· Pershing Square Tontine Holdings - A SPAC Worth Watching  
Many large private equity portfolio companies with substantial leverage will need equity infusions due to the economic dislocations caused by COVID-19.
Seeking Alpha
· Top Ships downgraded at Maxim on potential for delays at shipyards  
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