Success в новостях

Пример словосочетания

commercial success Коммерческий успех
great success Большой успех
huge success Огромный успех
little success Небольшой успех
without success Безуспешно

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Публикации и примеры предложений
· Emmanuel Macron unmasked: French President's 'tough-guy' stance on Brexit exposed  
It is that Jupiter is existentially frit that Brexit will be a roaring success.
Seeking Alpha
· HubSpot, Inc. (HUBS) CEO Brian Halligan on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
But in particular where you’re seeing success there, is that helping to onboard some brand new customers?
Seeking Alpha
· 3D Systems' (DDD) CEO Jeffrey Graves on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Success starts in any company with a clear statement of purpose.
· Millions of Chrome browser users at risk from new threat Google is yet to fix  
Google Chrome is the world's most popular web browser and, with so many people using it, it's an obvious target for cyber criminals looking to cash in on its success.
The Daily Star
· Bale left out by Zidane for Man City test  
He was pictured standing away from the team's celebrations with Zidane after their league success was confirmed and had caused a stir by pretending to be asleep during Madrid's game against Alaves.
Seeking Alpha
· TriplePoint Venture Growth (TPVG) CEO James Labe on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
We're also pleased to report that our portfolio companies continue to have success raising follow on equity capital, with six portfolio companies raising over $250 million of equity capital in private rounds during the second quarter, which provides them with additional cash runway.
The Age
· Saints may be following in the footsteps of the Tigers  
Recruiting mature-aged players doesn't always guarantee success, but the Saints identified key deficiencies and targeted the right players accordingly.
Seeking Alpha
· Nevro Corp (NVRO) CEO Keith Grossman on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
I'm very happy to join the Nevro team at this pivotal time and look forward to contributing to the company's future success.
Seeking Alpha
· FARO Technologies, Inc. (FARO) CEO Michael Burger on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
And while it is still early in the transition to claim success, the team's optimism is strong and growing.
Seeking Alpha
· Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc. (COLL) CEO Joseph Ciaffoni on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Concurrently, we will be taking the necessary actions to prepare for success in 2021.