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The New York Times
· The Many Varieties of Donald Trump  
If the origins of conservatism were relatively pristine, then there can be a version of Republicanism that doesn’t tolerate a president tweeting out videos of a supporter yelling “white power!” at protesters.
· Royal rivalry: How King Henry VIII ‘called for head of Meghan Markle’s ancestor’  
When news of her engagement to Harry broke, many supporters pointed out how the Royal Family would be modernised by her arrival.
Liverpool Echo
· John Henry outlines FSG's next move after Liverpool win Premier League title  
The Boston-based Henry did reserve a message of thanks to the club's fans as the Reds supporters, worldwide, celebrate their 19th championship.
The Independent
· Deepfakes are the most dangerous crime of the future, researchers say  
A similar action was taken by Republican supporters in America, leading to an edited version of a video of Democratic speaker Nancy Pelosi that made her appear intoxicated – a video that was shared by Donald Trump.
Financial Express
· Beirut explosion: 'They killed Beirut yesterday', laments former Lebanese PM; At least 100 dead, says Red Cross  
Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri visited the grave of his late father who was killed in a suicide truck bomb in February 2005, telling reporters, “They killed Beirut yesterday.” After he left, protesters chanted slogans against Lebanon’s entire political class, including Hariri, and fistfights broke out between his supporters and protesters.
· Minneapolis commission takes up proposal to disband police  
A majority of the City Council backs the idea, with supporters saying it would do away with a troubled department that has resisted change, and replace it with a more “holistic” and public health-oriented approach to public safety.
Liverpool Echo
· Everton news and transfers LIVE - Blues eye Leon Bailey, Ancelotti 'called Brazilian', Todibo 'set'  
In it, a golden light shines over the three players on the monument, perhaps dropping a hint towards the colour of kit Blues supporters can expect to see on Friday.
· Russian anti-doping сhief defiant over move to fire him  
The anti-doping agency supervisory board includes pole-vault star Yelena Isinbayeva, a strong supporter of Putin.
Sports Illustrated
· Arsenal Cuts 55 Staff Jobs Due to Pandemic  
They also moved to assure supporters that investment into the team will continue, despite the loss of jobs, which will come across some soccer departments as well as commercial and administrative roles.
· Prince William confession: How Duke shocked Prince George - ’Looked at me in horror’  
It added: “While it’s aimed at everyone including players, supporters, friends and families, it’s widely recognised that football is a uniquely powerful way to reach men in particular.