Haberlerde Surface

Örnek kollokasyonlar

below the surface Yüzeyin altında
sea surface Deniz yüzeyi
surface area Yüzey alanı
surface water Yüzey suyu
upper surface Üst yüzey

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Seeking Alpha
· Auryn Resources: 1 + 1 = 3  
According to the 2018 mineral resource update and PEA, Eau Claire contains 853 Koz of measured and indicated and 500 Koz of inferred gold, at >6 g/t grades, that occurs from the surface to 800m depths (Table 1).
Washington Post
· Who’s who’s on the committee vetting Biden’s possible VPs  
Though many women of color have surfaced as potential running mates, Blunt Rochester’s name thus far has not.
· Fauci Says Face Shields Good Idea for Teachers Back in Schools  
“Any mucousal surface is susceptible” to the virus, Fauci said in response to online questioning about face shields from Howard Bauchner, the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
· Moon landing faked? Astronomer exposes truth behind NASA Apollo 11 mission  
In 1969, NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first man to step out on to the moon's surface in the groundbreaking Apollo 11 mission.
Washington Post
· Tropical Storm Isaias takes aim at East Coast: city-by-city forecasts  
It may tap into energy from the jet stream, which will compensate for the cooler sea surface temperatures.
Seeking Alpha
· Slate Office REIT: Sector Headwinds, Dividend Coverage Concerns, And Overstated NAV Demonstrate Potential Value Trap In REIT  
On the surface, the company trades at a large NAV discount, has a well-covered and high-yielding dividend, and owns a stable portfolio of office properties.
Sports Illustrated
· Former Tennessee Offensive Lineman Ja'Wuan James Opts Out of NFL Season  
This article will be updated if any new information surfaces.
Washington Post
· The new rules for packing a bag during the pandemic  
“In general, as the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] suggests, it looks like it’s harder to get this disease from surfaces than from face-to-face interactions, so luggage handling is probably a lower-risk aspect of travel,” Bhadelia says.
· Former king Juan Carlos to leave Spain amid probe over financial scandal  
Spain's former king Juan Carlos has told his son, King Felipe, that he has decided to leave the country, the Royal House said on Monday, after corruption allegations about him surfaced in recent weeks.
The Guardian
· Parts unknown: whole animal recipes from Feather and Bone  
Alternatively, add tongues, spices, bay leaves and salt to a large saucepan, add enough water just to cover, bring to the boil, skim surface, then reduce heat to medium-low and simmer gently for two hours or until just tender – a skewer should pass through with only a little resistance.