Suspect en las noticias

Colocaciones de ejemplo

began to suspect Comenzó a sospechar
begins to suspect Comienza a sospechar
main suspect Principal sospechoso
prime suspect Principal sospechoso
reason to suspect Razón para sospechar

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Publicaciones y oraciones de ejemplo
· Power Book 2 teaser: Will Ghost St Patrick return from the dead? The big clue you missed  
Her interrogator started to suspect Tasha hadn’t been acting alone and questioned whether Tariq was involved.
Financial Express
· Not all pregnant women going to hospitals need to undergo COVID-19 test, AAP govt tells HC  
The submission was made before a bench of Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan by the Delhi government on affidavit which stated that only suspected cases of COVID-19 are tested for the viral infection.
The Independent
· The ‘catastrophic’ conservation emergency left in Covid’s wake  
Covid-19 prevention measures are hampering the collection of data to uncover the full scale of the suspected poaching surge, and wildlife rangers are bravely continuing patrols wherever possible despite the challenges posed by anti-pandemic regulations.
The Guardian
· The deadly plague that could devastate the US rabbit population  
She points out that owners don’t often take their rabbits to the vet, making the disease hard to spot, and suspects the virus could be spreading when owners bury a dead rabbit at home.
The Guardian
· A glamping break ... but where's the tent?  
I suspect some people may not even leave the barn’s idyllic grounds.
The Age
· 'Get on with it': New police chief plans more street patrols  
As deputy commissioner he introduced the force's hostile vehicle policy following the Bourke Street attack to allow officers to take direct action if they suspect a driver is about to use a car as a weapon.
Seeking Alpha
· In Search Of The Best High-Yield Opportunities In The Market Today  
We've seen iQOS do well in foreign markets in recent years and I suspect this heated tobacco trend will continue into the future due to its apparent relative safety compared to the traditional smokeable tobacco in cigarettes.
Malay Mail
· Malaysia’s top marine police chief says smugglers once tried to enlist his aid  
On June 4, police arrested 40 suspects who were masterminds of a migrant smuggling operation in Johor.
· Philippines Anti-Terror Law Sparks Outrage  
Petitions are piling up at the Philippines Supreme Court to overturn a new anti-terror law championed by President Duterte that could jail suspects without charge for up to 24 days.
The New York Times
· ‘Coming Out of the Woodwork’: Black Lives Matter in Small-Town America  
Many already knew one another (“the usual suspects,” Mr. Bowerman said) but they began forming overtly liberal groups — Franklin County Coalition for Progress, Community Uniting, Concerned Citizens of Franklin County — planning events to celebrate Pride month, for instance, and digging into issues like redistricting reform.