Haberlerde Tackle

Örnek kollokasyonlar

defensive tackle Savunma takımı
football defensive tackle Futbol savunma mücadele
left tackle Sol mücadele
offensive tackle Saldırgan mücadele
right tackle Doğru mücadele

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The New York Times
· A Hand on Your Shoulder  
Erik Agard offers us a smooth and supportive puzzle that will hopefully make you ready to tackle the week.
· Militants target Burkina Faso market, aid convoy in deadly attacks  
Burkina Faso struggles to tackle terror threat
Seeking Alpha
· Delta Air Lines: Clear Skies Ahead  
There are several logistical issues that Delta and all other airline companies will have to tackle, but they will adapt and overcome as travel demand picks up again.
The Diplomat
· Aubrey Menarndt on Mongolia’s Dynamic Youth  
In this interview with The Diplomat’s Catherine Putz, Menarndt explains the role of the youth in the 1990 revolution, the lasting impact of the revolution on the country’s domestic and foreign affairs, and the challenges the country’s current young adults are tackling head-on.
· The Station: Amazon eyes Zoox, Aurora goes back to school and Cabana hits the road  
Deloitte Insights tackled a topic that many of us might be mulling as well.
The Independent
· Seattle police officer caught kneeling on the necks of multiple George Floyd protestors  
A man wearing an orange sweatshirt could be seen being tackled to the ground by multiple officers, as one placed their knee of his neck while restraining his arms.
Seeking Alpha
· Hasbro: Potential Buy On Dips Before Holidays  
In other words, Hasbro is set to transform itself into a company that is ready to tackle the digital age and beyond.
Al Jazeera
· Zimbabwe lockdown: Grandmothers offer free therapy  
Some grandmothers in Zimbabwe are offering free therapy sessions to tackle these mental health difficulties during the coronavirus lockdown.
The Guardian
· Manchester tower block residents ineligible for £1bn recladding fund  
“We need the government to recognise that the money that has been set aside is simply too small to tackle the scale of the problem.”
The China Post
· AMERICAN DIARY: To be black and a journalist at this moment  
Barack Obama, the nation’s first and only black president, tackled what getting back to normal means for African Americans in a statement Friday about George Floyd’s death.