“Temporarily” in the news

Example collocations

temporarily closed
temporarily halted
temporarily moved
temporarily replaced
temporarily suspended

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Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Swim on sharks, nothing to see here: could fake kelp prevent attacks?  
Personal deterrents also include electrical or magnetic repellents; aerosols packed with an extract of dead shark tissue; and even a device that emits orca calls, based on how white sharks have been observed temporarily abandoning their hunting grounds when orca are present.
· Views on recovery are impacting the debate over extending unemployment benefits  
Instead, Moore favors temporarily suspending payroll taxes, which would boost incomes for workers and business owners — but not the unemployed.
Washington Post
· The July 15 tax deadline is close. The IRS says it has refunds worth $1.5 billion just waiting to be claimed.  
In response to the coronavirus crisis, the IRS temporarily “paused” tax collection and enforcement actions against people who owed back taxes.
Malay Mail
· Sarawak says two new Covid-19 cases in last 24 hours, Kuching now a yellow zone  
The second patient’s employer has been ordered to temporarily close the consultant firm for disinfection
The Atlantic
· $600 a Week Buys Freedom From Fear  
And the UI expansion, along with the $1,200 onetime checks that Congress sent to most adults, at least temporarily prevented the poverty rate from increasing—an astonishing feat, given the size and scope of the economic shutdown.
The New York Times
· Global Markets Are Mixed as Virus Cases Surge: Live Updates  
But the latest numbers told a story of recovery — at least temporarily.
The Guardian
· Idlib reports first Covid-19 case and braces for fresh disaster  
For now the doctor and those who have come into contact with him have been tested and are in self-isolation and the hospital has been temporarily closed.
The Guardian
· Coronavirus highlights plight of thousands of incarcerated California wildfire fighters  
Fire stations up and down the state have temporarily shut, with firefighters required to self-isolate after outbreaks.
· How 'The Last of Us Part II' fails its women protagonists  
In a letter, we even learn that Marlene promised Ana she'd keep Ellie safe, taking on something of a surrogate mother role for years before asking Joel to temporarily take over.
The New York Times
· They Passed the Long-Distance Test  
There was this place at La Placita we used to go to on Sunday nights where they had live music, and I kept thinking, maybe this is the last time we’re going to be sitting here.” His melancholy clung to him through his graduation, days after she left, but lifted temporarily when he opened a present from his parents.