“Tend” in the news

Example collocations

people tend
tend not
tend to focus
tend to form
tend to use

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· Arista Networks: Free Cash Flow To Drive The Stock Back To $300  
This is in the nature of the hardware business, which tends to be cyclical.
Seeking Alpha
· Capturing The Trend In Cryptocurrencies  
From our backtest results we see the EMA-20 strategy generates a high number of trades, of which a large number tend to be small losers.
Seeking Alpha
· Applied Materials - A Buy, But Expect A Rollercoaster Ride  
The stock's valuation, as measured by EV/ Sales, has tended to reach its peak after revenue growth has peaked, holding the level for a good 12 months or so before falling sharply by half, reaching a trough around 6 months BEFORE revenue growth has troughed.
The New York Times
· New York City Doesn’t Have to Suffer This Summer  
The city’s response to heat tended to be reactive, rather than systematic or proactive — hydrants opened during a period of extreme weather.
Technology Org
· Adding a blend of spices to a meal may help lower inflammation  
Rogers said the sample was chosen because people in these demographics tend to be at a higher risk for developing poorer health outcomes.
Seeking Alpha
· Atlassian: Recent Rise And Premium Valuation Puts Me On Sidelines For Now  
I believe the company will remain at a premium valuation for many years to come, but history has shown software companies with 20x+ revenue multiples tend to contract if there is a soft spot in the market.
Seeking Alpha
· JOYY Inc.: Be Patient  
Currently, management is focusing on adding users in developed markets as they tend to spend more money on online entertainment.
Financial Express
· Why smart investors are buying gold in midst of Covid  
Gold as an asset usually shares negative correlation with other assets (such as equity, debt and real estate), and tends to perform better during risk-off periods.
The Independent
· Judge rules against Florida Republican-backed law blocking felons from voting until they pay legal fees  
“It would be stunning if somebody told me that they did not realise that African Americans tend to vote Democratic.”