Haberlerde Tend

Örnek kollokasyonlar

people tend Insanlar eğilim
tend not Eğilim yapma
tend to focus Odaklanma eğilimi
tend to form Oluşma eğilimi
tend to use Kullanma eğilimi

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Sports Illustrated
· Experts Say Yankees Will Take This Right-Hander at No. 28 in MLB Draft  
Then again, as noted by McDaniel in a previous piece highlighting each team's biggest needs and best fits, the Yankees tend to draft based on value.
The New York Times
· Falling Jobless Rate Could Imperil Aid Underpinning the Recovery  
American adults tended to be about 12 percent less active after the stay-at-home mandates began in March than they were in January.
· Trump touts 'stupendous' jobs report — but black unemployment still rose again  
Part of the reason why blacks and minorities tend to occupy a higher share of the more vulnerable positions is discrimination, Alpert said.
Sports Illustrated
· 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Team Outlook: Don't Call it a Comeback, They've Been Here For Years  
His pass blocking tends to rank better than his value in the run game.
Japan Today
· On sad anniversary, few to mourn the D-Day dead in Normandy  
In a forlorn scene, a gardener tended to the parched grass around the small monument for the war dead, while Pottier, the local mayor, was getting the French tricolor to flutter next to the Stars and Stripes.
· Transcript: Talking to Kids About Racism  
Lee: At what age do we tend to start seeing evidence of racism and anti-blackness in children?
Sports Illustrated
· The Art of NFL Contracts Part 4: The Three Ways to Manipulate Cap Space  
The Chiefs tend to structure contracts similar to Sammy Watkins' deal, which we went over in detail in Part 2 of this series.