Tension в новостях

Пример словосочетания

built tension Встроенное напряжение
racial tension Расовая напряженность
surface tension Поверхностное натяжение
tension and culminated Напряженность и кульминация
tension between Напряжение между

Публикации и примеры предложений

The Wall Street Journal
· Chinese Policy Makers Have Stimulus Measures Ready, Premier Says  
BEIJING—China’s premier said Thursday that policy makers have more stimulus measures ready in case of a further deterioration in the economy, which he said would keep the world’s second largest economy “on a steady course” as Beijing wrestles with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and rising geopolitical tensions.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· Escalating Tensions, Calm Markets  
While the escalation of US-China tensions makes for front-page reading, China and India have already had a minor clash, and both sides have reinforced their positions near the Ladakh region.  Copy example sentence
Financial Express
· Punjab: Truce between ministers, Cabinet Secretary with an apology after 18 days  
The meeting was aimed at thawing the tension between the ministers and Karan Avtar Singh.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Minneapolis Protests Turn Violent as Outrage Grows Over Death of George Floyd  
It has laid bare tensions between members of the local community and the 800-plus police force in Minneapolis, a divide mirrored in other communities across the country.  Copy example sentence
Malay Mail
· Conservative ex-Tehran mayor Ghalibaf elected Iran speaker  
Decades-old tensions between Iran and the United States have soared since then, with the two sworn enemies coming to the brink of confrontation on at least two occasions in the past year.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· International Report: Q1 2020  
The easing of trade tensions and an early resumption within the manufacturing sector also helped the country maintain its economic activity amid the ongoing crisis.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· Wall Street Breakfast: Social Media Crackdown  
Tensions rise  Copy example sentence
Malay Mail
· Bursa Malaysia ends higher on hopes for global recovery  
A dealer said Asian stocks staged a mixed performance today as sentiments were clouded by rising concerns over the United States-China tensions, as well as China’s plan to implement the national security law in Hong Kong.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· ‘Those who know, know’: Ruby Rose shares cryptic post about Batwoman exit  
Reports suggest that tensions arose as Rose was unhappy with the long hours required of her to work on set.  Copy example sentence