Testify en las noticias

Colocaciones de ejemplo

called to testify Llamado a testificar
refused to testify Se negó a testificar
testify against Testificar contra
testify before Testificar antes

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Publicaciones y oraciones de ejemplo

Bangkok Post
· Man who fired at gambling den shooter surrenders  
Police were gathering evidence to issue arrest warrants, he said after testifying before the House panel on police affairs over the incident.
Washington Post
· Md. trooper wrote DWI tickets to fictitious drivers, pleads guilty to perjury  
As part of Maryland State Trooper John Sollon’s assignment to a specialized drunk-driving enforcement team, he had to go to court to testify against the drivers he had arrested.
Seeking Alpha
· GAFA: Objectively Analyzing Impact Of Antitrust Scrutiny  
I have also taken the liberty to include Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) despite its leader not having to testify before congress.
The Guardian
· How Republicans gutted the biggest voting rights victory in recent history  
They passed a law that put insurmountable hurdles in front of those with felony convictions and required them to navigate a byzantine bureaucracy to get their voting rights back (one county official testified in May that records from crimes decades ago had been kept on index cards in shoeboxes).
The New York Times
· After Hiroshima's Carnage, Setsuko Thurlow Devoted Her Life to Peace  
At a 2014 conference in Vienna, Toshio Sano, then Japan’s disarmament ambassador, said experts were being “pessimistic” when they testified that relief organizations would be unable to provide meaningful aid in the event of a nuclear bombing.
The New York Times
· Poem: i want to speak of unity  
Juan Felipe Herrera’s magnificent new poems in “Every Day We Get More Illegal” testify to the deepest parts of the American dream — the streets and parking lots, the stores and restaurants and futures that belong to all — from the times when hope was bright, more like an intimate song than any anthem stirring the blood.
· With 'Star Trek: Lower Decks,' A Venerable Franchise Loosens Up  
For the nerds, in-jokes and easter eggs abound, testifying to the creators' fondness for the source material, while viewers who don't know a nacelle from a Jeffries Tube will likely appreciate the show's sheer joke-density — and the fact that, as an animated series, it comes outfitted with an unlimited special effects budget.
The Thaiger
· Police questioned as casino shootout evidence goes missing  
He said today that the House committee will invite the commissioner, a senior police officer who was transferred after the incident, and former politician Chuvit Kamonvisit, to testify before the committee on August 13.
Malay Mail
· Ex-CEO tells Najib’s 1MDB trial how Jho Low introduced successor Hazem to sovereign wealth fund  
Testifying against Datuk Seri Najib Razak in his corruption trial today, his predecessor Datuk Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi told the court that Low, or better known as Jho Low had, in 2012, presented Hazem’s resume for a position in the sovereign wealth fund.
The Guardian
· Pedro Martins: the slayer of Arsenal who now has sights set on Wolves  
Burnley, Tottenham and Arsenal can testify to the quality of Martins’ players.