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movie theaters Salas de cine
released in theaters Estrenado en cines
released to theaters Lanzado a los cines
select theaters Seleccionar teatros
theaters across Teatros a través

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Washington Post
· Where states reopened and cases spiked after the U.S. shutdown  
Entertainment venues include bowling alleys, arcades, casinos, theaters and concert venues.
The Guardian
· California orders closure of bars and indoor operations of restaurants and theaters  
California’s governor has ordered all bars to close statewide and all restaurants, movie theaters and museums to halt indoor operations, in a dramatic rolling back of reopening efforts as coronavirus cases continue to surge.
· California Closes Indoor Businesses Statewide As COVID-19 Cases Surge  
Restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums and card rooms must suspend their indoor operations, and bars must close altogether.
The New York Times
· California’s rollback, Washington Redskins, Koalas: Your Monday Evening Briefing  
Gavin Newsom ordered restaurants, movie theaters and other businesses to close indoor operations.
· Los Angeles and San Diego school districts to start school year online as virus cases surge in state  
Gavin Newsom announced that the state would re-close a range of business operations statewide, including dine-in restaurants, movie theaters, zoos and museums.
· California orders bars, indoor dining to close in sweeping reversal  
Gavin Newsom on Monday ordered indoor operations for restaurants, wineries, movie theaters and other family entertainment like zoos, museums and card rooms to cease immediately.
Seeking Alpha
· Cinema stocks decline on California's new shutdowns  
Cinema stocks are starting what looks like a new leg down today after the news that California would reclose indoor operations for theaters statewide (along with restaurants, bars, wineries, zoos, museums, fitness centers, places of worship and related locations).
Seeking Alpha
· Mall tenant rent payments pick up in June, Odeon Capital says  
For example, entertainment tenants (i.e., mostly movie theaters) went from paying 0% of May rent to paying 23% of June's.
· Chronicling the Current War on Press Freedom in the Philippines, “A THOUSAND CUTS” The New Documentary from Filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz Opens in Theaters and Virtual Cinemas Nationwide on August 7  
FRONTLINE (PBS) and PBS Distribution announced the theatrical opening release for the acclaimed documentary A THOUSAND CUTS – from award-winning filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz – coming to theaters and virtual cinemas nationwide on August 7, 2020.
The New York Times
· Your Tuesday Briefing  
Hong Kong Disneyland, movie theaters and children’s summer activities will re-close this week following an increase in coronavirus infections in the territory.