“Think” in the news

Example collocations

did not think
not think
people think
think tank
think tanks

Publications and example sentences

The Age
· A good, 'balanced' super fund is the best option in current market  
Do you think that this level of fees is too high?
· Joseph Altuzarra Is Finding an Invigorating New Way of Working Under Lockdown  
It’s either I want something that feels really soft and very comforting and cocooning or I have this explosion of desire for creativity and joy, and I think what we’re working on reflects that,” he adds.
The Independent
· Gareth Taylor ready for pressure and ‘big responsibility’ of Manchester City job  
“If you want to progress, I don’t think you can rely solely on the young players,” he said.
The Guardian
· Glad you’re not here: stag party capitals vow to ‘do tourism differently’  
Coronavirus travel restrictions are proving tough to bear for the hundreds of thousands who work in the region’s hospitality industry, but are also giving the many beautiful cities of central Europe time and space to think about how to deal with their overtourism problems.
The Japan Times
· Onsen awash with customers in wake of coronavirus emergency  
I don't think you can separate us from this, the bath.
The Guardian
· RuPaul's Drag Race recap: season 12 finale – she's a winner baby!  
We think Aiden’s actually going to do very well out of this.
The Guardian
· Karolina Pliskova calls men 'super weak' for worrying about equal pay in tennis  
Asked whether a possible merge between the two tours should bring equal pay, Pliskova told the PA news agency: “I don’t think so and I am not the one who wants it.
The Japan Times
· Not just another day at the office: Rethinking Japan’s business culture amid the COVID-19 pandemic  
Hiroshi Ono, a professor of human resource management at Hitotsubashi University Business School, thinks the COVID-19 pandemic has given companies an opportunity to identify the waste in the way they operate.
· Deaths without consequences  
Castile then reached for something, resulting in Yanez, thinking the object was his gun, shooting Castile.
The Guardian
· Science Weekly in the pandemic: 'Every day you wake up to a discovery'  
I also think reports of people experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 for many weeks or even months are important – increasingly so as time goes on – as are the findings that men and BAME communities are at greater risk from the disease.