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did not think Düşünmemiştim
not think Sanmıyorum
people think Insanlar düşünür
think tank Beyin takımı
think tanks Beyin takımı

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The Guardian
· Americans defy Covid-19 social distancing rules to celebrate Memorial Day holiday  
“A high school swim party that I’m sure everybody thought was harmless,” Hutchinson said.
The Age
· 'Yogi's law' will be ex-cop's legacy after WorkSafe backs down on dogs  
“It should be heartening for people who may have had rejections and thinking they couldn’t do anything about it to now know it can be challenged and should be challenged,” she said.
The Age
· With ‘Four More Shots Please!,’ India gets its own ‘Sex and the City’  
“It is very glamorous, it is very aspirational, it’s about female friendship and women bonding, which I think girls took very personally,” said Gupta, who has starred in several other unconventional roles, including a blind woman who falls in love with a woman with cerebral palsy in Margarita, With a Straw.
Malay Mail
· Rocketman (and woman): Elon and Gwynne, the pair who made SpaceX  
“I think sometimes the aerospace industry shied away from failure in the development phase.” — AFP
Malay Mail
· US coronavirus response fatally 'chaotic,' says Noam Chomsky  
So Europe has its own problems, but at least it has the residue of some kind of social democratic structure, which provides some support, which is what I think is lacking in the US.
· Post-pandemic world interviews: Rosanna Arquette  
We handled this in such a terrible way that now it will spread and kill, I think, millions.
Financial Express
· Pearl Academy transitioned from physical classes to online in just 4 days | Interview  
“Creating a box is one thing, ideating how you can create a better box is design thinking,” says Nandita Abraham, president, Pearl Academy.
The Japan Times
· Even as virus eases, the worst may be yet to come for Abe  
The coronavirus, however, comes at a time when many in the LDP had already begun to think about who will succeed him after his third — and ostensibly final — term as party leader expires in September 2021.
The Age
· Always wanted to try intermittent fasting? Here's where to start  
He says the first thing to know about fasting is that it should not be thought of as a short-term regime.