Thoroughly en las noticias

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more thoroughly Más a fondo
so thoroughly Tan a fondo

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Seeking Alpha
· Importance Of Education In CBD Market (Podcast Transcript)  
And then from there, I've been thoroughly involved in raising money for nonprofit veteran organizations.
· For some parents, day care feels risky. For others, reopening couldn't come sooner.  
Doorknobs, sinks and surfaces have been thoroughly disinfected.
Financial Express
· Restaurants open but grapple with decreased sales, few dine-in customers  
At Lite Bite Foods, we have revamped our menus thoroughly in the lockdown period.
The Japan Times
· Tokyo reports 206 new COVID-19 cases, topping 200 for four straight days for first time ever  
Ono said the request is aimed at “ensuring that those businesses thoroughly implement necessary anti-virus measures.”
The Guardian
· The future of film: can cinema survive Covid-19?  
And while Disney+ doubled its subscriber base between February and May, surpassing 50 million according to the last figures, and locked-down film fans turned to bigger streaming players such as Netflix and Amazon Prime in droves (surprise hits included what Variety described as a “thoroughly terrible, politically objectionable, occasionally hilarious Polish humpathon” called 365 Days), the curated platforms such as CHC, Mubi and BFI Player provided an attractive high-quality alternative to the hard-to-navigate swamp of content elsewhere.
The China Post
· The Latest: India IT hub Bangalore in lockdown as cases rise  
The New Mexico Environment Department said Saturday that the order also requires Walmart to test the store’s workers for the cordonavirus and thoroughly disinfect the building,
Japan Today
· Okinawa governor wants tougher action after 61 U.S. Marines infected with coronavirus  
Tamaki is demanding for a complete closure of these bases for a time being at least and asking exact information about the outbreak be notified thoroughly and without any delay.
· Archaeology breakthrough: Astounding discovery of Arctic shipwreck 'frozen in time'  
Despite being discovered off King William Island in Canada’s far north in 2016, the shipwreck had not been thoroughly studied until 2019.
· China reports NEW unknown disease spreading across Asian country deadlier than COVID-19  
It has put most countries in lockdown and forced people to wear face masks, practice social distancing and thoroughly wash their hands often.
Sports Illustrated
· ACC Commish: We Plan to Be as Prepared as Possible  
Commissioner John Swofford issued a statement Friday stating that the league's Board of Directors plans to thoroughly examine all options before coming to an absolute decision on the upcoming season.