“Thousand” in the news

Example collocations

hundred thousand
several thousand
ten thousand
thousand people
thousand years

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· The corner of Minnesota that’s there by mistake  
It must have taken thousands of man-hours, hauling brush and removing stumps.
The Guardian
· Fast fashion: Pakistan garment workers fight for rights amid Covid-19 crisis  
Across Pakistan, thousands of garment workers are battling against forced layoffs and months of unpaid salaries, as the deepening economic crisis caused by Covid-19 hits workers’ ability to support their families in the world’s fifth most populous country.
Seeking Alpha
· Factors To Consider With REM, REML And Individual mREITs  
Other countries also demonstrated that there was nothing inherent in SARS CoV-2, which meant that hundreds of thousands of deaths in the first world were inevitable.
The Guardian
· The Windrush scandal TV drama: ‘People will be up in arms when they see this’  
He wants to emphasise that his is just one story that illustrates what thousands have been through, and hopes that the film will push the issue back on to the political agenda.
The New York Times
· How Modi Failed the Pandemic Test  
Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers were left without wages after the lockdown imposed with a four-hour notice closed factories and businesses.
The Guardian
· Austerity and victim blaming: Scott Morrison goes back to the old politics  
The 1.5% recession of 1991 ruined hundreds of thousands of lives, and while the unemployment rate took years to fall, the reality is a lot of retrenched workers wound up on the age pension before the labour market created another job for them.
The Guardian
· Country diary: the tale of a tit with supreme agility  
And, most of all, as a feeding station, a thousand green plates offering takeaway dinners.
The China Post
· Venezuela’s apparent respite from COVID may not last long  
Neighboring Brazil has seen more than 270,000 cases and nearly 20,000 deaths so far, while Peru, Chile and Ecuador have each had tens of thousands of cases.
Malay Mail
· Humanitarian, former beauty queen Deborah Henry urges Malaysians not to fear refugee communities  
They have travelled thousands of miles to come here for the safety that our shores offer.
The Japan Times
· Pro athletes with underlying conditions remain extra cautious of COVID-19 threat  
The always-smiling Ikee, a rising star internationally, captured the hearts of Japan and her thousands of social media followers with an open approach to her fight against leukemia.