Haberlerde Thousand

Örnek kollokasyonlar

hundred thousand Yüz bin
several thousand Birkaç bin
ten thousand On bin
thousand people Bin kişi
thousand years Bin yıl

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· Richard Tice's fury as civil servants refuse to go back to work - 'Let them go!'  
Speaking to LBC radio, the Brexit Party Chairman said the Government should lead by example forcing civil servant to return to work as thousands of Britons are still reluctant to follow Boris Johnson's plea to return to their workplaces amid fears of catching coronavirus.
The Guardian
· 'They just pull up everything!' Chinese fleet raises fears for Galápagos sea life  
But then he looked at satellite images in the area where Hope was last tracked – more than a thousand nautical miles west of the islands – and noticed the ocean was being patrolled by hundreds of Chinese fishing boats.
· Pimlico Plumbers boss in furious rant over 'stupid culture' of furlough scheme: 'Selfish!'  
Thousands applied to the Government’s furlough scheme at the end of March when the nation was put into lockdown, meaning 80 percent of their wages would still be paid despite not actually working.
The Independent
· Beirut explosion: Trump doubles down on claim that blast may have been an attack  
Thousands of people have been left homeless and up to 5,000 injured.
Liverpool Echo
· Drivers could be fined £1,000 for wearing a face mask in their car  
And, with millions of people now back at work, it could potentially add thousands of drivers to the UK’s roads now driving without the correct prescription.
· Child Benefit UK: You may get your payment early this month - changes explained  
READ MORE: Tens of thousands of women urged to check state pension
The New York Times
· Coronavirus Live Updates  
Hundreds of thousands of additional claims are being filed weekly through a separate federal emergency jobless benefit program that covers freelancers and the self-employed.
Technology Org
· Dark Energy Survey census of the smallest galaxies hones the search for dark matter  
In the new study, researchers focused on three broad possibilities for the nature of dark matter: relatively fast-moving or “warm” dark matter; another form of “interacting” dark matter that bumps off protons enough to have been heated up in the early universe, with consequences for galaxy formation; and a third, extremely light particle, known as “fuzzy dark matter,” that through quantum mechanics effectively stretches out across thousands of light years.
The Independent
· Beirut explosion echoes 2013 Texas disaster, West mayor says  
The staggering videos from the Lebanese capital are grimly familiar to Tommy Muska thousands of miles away in Texas: a towering blast, a thundering explosion and shock waves demolishing buildings with horrifying speed.
Financial Express
· Coronavirus vaccine: Why the DCGI nod for Oxford candidate trials in India is significant  
The third phase of the clinical trials of any vaccine candidate tests its effectiveness in thousands of participants to understand if it would be suitable for treatment among a large and diverse group of people.