Threat trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

major threat Mối đe dọa lớn
pose a threat Đe dọa
serious threat Mối đe dọa nghiêm trọng
threat posed Mối đe dọa đặt ra
triple threat Mối đe dọa ba

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· Centinela copper mine workers vote to strike - Reuters  
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The New York Times
· Manchester City Won. Now Brace for the Losses.  
It has enabled UEFA to ensure that clubs in smaller markets — where the concerns are not who wins the Champions League — meet their debts and obligations by wielding the threat of expulsion from money-spinning European competitions.
Seeking Alpha
· Slack: Increased Competition Means No Time To Be Slacking Off  
The existence of Microsoft Teams poses a long-term threat to Slack but not in particular for the reason you might think.
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· Thermo Fisher under mounting pressure to up Qiagen bid - UFP  
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· Best Guess on When Business Travel Will Recover? It Could be Years  
“The threat of litigation will potentially prevent some companies — even ones that are going to great lengths to exercise caution and safety protocols — from restarting their travel programs as quickly as they’d like to,” he said.
Washington Post
· Column: Wallace deserves a slot in NASCAR’s All-Star race  
The 26-year-old Wallace has tried to navigate his new role as a spokesman, a leader — a position he never before had as a mid-pack racer — and soon enough he was receiving death threats, scorn and mockery from the public.
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· As virus spreads, Bolsonaro ties with military under strain  
The statements have come as Brazil is swamped by the coronavirus, which Bolsonaro has consistently downplayed as a threat as he undermined shutdowns and other preventive measures.
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· Additional charges for jailed white nationalist  
Cantwell was initially charged with extortion and sending interstate threats.
· Los Angeles and San Diego public schools will be online only this fall  
Public schools in Los Angeles and San Diego, the two largest public school districts in California, will not be sending children back to campuses next month and will instead administer online classes due to concerns over the ongoing threat of the coronavirus.