Haberlerde Three

Örnek kollokasyonlar

every three years Üç yılda bir
married three times Üç kez evlendi
next three most En sonraki üç
next three years Önümüzdeki üç yıl
spent three years Üç yıl geçirdi

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The Independent
· Sport in England to restart behind closed doors from 1 June, says government  
Competitive sport has been shut down for almost three months in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic
The Independent
· Animals suffered in laboratories as experimenters broke rules in cases of ‘neglect and incompetence’  
The document reveals that 28 cases – representing 33 incidents – happened in 17 universities and three commercial organisations.
· Black men in Minneapolis outraged over Floyd killing, distrustful of judicial system  
Three other officers involved in the encounter, two who on video appear to be holding Floyd down and another who stood by, have not been charged, and that does not sit well with a large faction of a distraught and angry public.
· Amy Cooper in Central Park exposed the danger of birding while Black. But I've always known it.  
I always carry my passport when I bird; in fact, my passport is with me at all times because although I am an American-born citizen and, as James Baldwin reminded me, my crown has been bought and paid for — my father lost three fingers fighting in the Korean War to return to a nation that called him a spic, my grandmother always suspected that she was one of the Puerto Rican women used as a medical guinea pig by U.S. pharma when it created the contraceptive pill, and more — my Brown body has been deemed the other and deportation is never out of the equation.
The Independent
· Coronavirus cases see small increase and hospital admissions rise as UK lockdown relaxed  
It comes as three members of the government’s scientific advisory group, SAGE, have criticised plans to relax lockdown rules on Monday warning it is too early.
BBC Sport
· Coronavirus: Government publishes 'phase three' return of domestic sport  
The 'phase three' guidance paves the way for live sport to return for the first time since mid-March.
The Guardian
· Venues in crisis: 'We couldn't survive if we opened 10 nights a week'  
The family hope to reopen their 60 rooms in three hotels and their respective 100-seater restaurants simultaneously, but social distancing measures mean they will only be able to serve a third of the customers they have capacity for, which isn’t enough to break even.
The New York Times
· Where Dance and Fashion Collide  
For example, I could speak very clearly about one time when I used my art to deal with a very traumatic event — being three meters away from a gunman during the attacks in Paris, and managing to escape while he was shooting.
The New York Times
· The Rich Love India’s Lockdown. For the Poor It’s Another Story.  
After three weeks the government began replacing lockdown 1.0 with slightly looser versions, but instead of relaxing, many upper-class Indians were still confining themselves more strictly than the rules require — and learning to love it.
The New York Times
· In Case of Emergency, Make Art  
One week of videos turned into two, then three.