“Throw” in the news

Example collocations

best throw
discus throw
free throw
hammer throw
javelin throw

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· What To Do When Your Employer Cuts Your 401k Matching  
So, if you’re employer had to cut back on your plans matching this year, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.
Seeking Alpha
· High Yields From Tax-Advantaged Debt: America First Multifamily  
Not just any multi-family bonds, but bonds that throw off a significant level on tax-exempt cash flow.
· 36 Best Sunglasses for Women in 2020 and the 6 Trends to Shop Now  
A sleek but wearable silhouette, this understatedly simple shape goes with everything—all you have to do this summer is throw a pair on for everything from essential runs to backyard tanning sessions.
· UK PM defiant as political scandal rages over aide  
Johnson faces the threat of his government's authority being undermined in the heat of a health crisis that has claimed nearly 37,000 lives in Britain and thrown one of the world's top 10 economies into its biggest downturn of modern times.
The Guardian
· Life after lockdown in Athens: 'The marble had space to breathe'  
The absence of cars and planes swept away the Athenian smog and the spring skies shone with an uncanny clarity, throwing the familiar outline of the monument into sharp relief.
The Independent
· Cummings portrayed the London establishment as a class apart. Now he’s become everything he once hated  
All that has now been thrown away.
The Guardian
· Just add chocolate, or dates, or banana … 10 delicious flapjack recipes to suit every taste  
Yet at this moment, it hits all the notes: it is wholesome, very simple, you can bake it with children and you can throw any old nonsense in to no obvious ill effect.
The Guardian
· Corona rage is boiling over. To ease tensions, masks should be mandatory  
As the cops tackling mostly black men and women in the name of “enforcing social distancing” and throwing people into crowded cells without soap or hand sanitizer shows, we cannot rely on our traditional means of maintaining order to make people wear those masks.
The Guardian
· My cancer treatment is over for now, so where is my sense of relief?  
In one particularly desperate move, I searched my entire bedroom in the hopes of finding any medical tags I’d forgotten to throw out.
The Age
· Tough decision on AFL 'legend'  
Williams's premiership teammate Stephen Silvagni would also be among the names thrown around at the selection table.