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thunder and lightning

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The New York Times
· Need More Nature? Listen to 12 Essential Field Recordings  
On her breakthrough album, “Energy Field,” she uses hydrophones and omnidirectional mics to capture the darkly ambient sounds of the freezing Arctic: ravens, winds, fish, thunder, crustaceans, the insides of glaciers and all sorts of alien strangeness.
The New York Times
· Protests in N.Y.C.: Latest Updates  
Weather: Expect a stormy afternoon, with thunder, rain and wind gusts.
BBC Sport
· Motherwell 6-6 Hibernian: 10 years on, spirit of mesmeric classic lives on  
With the last roll of the die, Fir Park held its breath as Sutton's thundered ball forward soared into the dark Lanarkshire sky, with barely enough time left for it to descend...
· What Netflix's 'Space Force' gets right (and wrong) about the real Space Force  
From overshadowing Space Force's official press releases on social media to stealing their search engine thunder, the fledgling sitcom has been consistently keeping the real Space Force out of headlines.
The New York Times
· Global Anger Grows Over George Floyd Death, and Becomes an Anti-Trump Cudgel  
The criticism thundered from the streets of Berlin, London, Paris and Vancouver, British Columbia, to capitals in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.