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thunder and lightning Gök gürültüsü ve şimşek

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The Age
· We're not quite all in this together: just ask the academics  
We are waiting now for the virus to drop its second shoe on us – softly or with thunder.
The Independent
· Strawberry Full Moon 2020: What is it and how to see it this week  
The Met Office states there will be ”sunny spells and showers for many, some heavy with isolated thunder; Heavy rain and gales developing across northern Scotland, edging south later.”
The Diplomat
· National Security Laws in General Are Not a Problem. Hong Kong’s Is.  
Like thunder before the storm, the Hong Kong June Fourth candlelight vigil was officially barred even before the enactment of the national security law.
The Guardian
· Newcastle, Sunderland and shows of outright contempt for fans  
It’s nonsense,” thundered supporters group chief Michael Ganley.
The Independent
· UK weather: Downpours, thunder and cooler temperatures forecast after sunniest spring on record  
The UK is set to face downpours and thunder as temperatures drop after the sunniest spring on record.
The New York Times
· Need More Nature? Listen to 12 Essential Field Recordings  
On her breakthrough album, “Energy Field,” she uses hydrophones and omnidirectional mics to capture the darkly ambient sounds of the freezing Arctic: ravens, winds, fish, thunder, crustaceans, the insides of glaciers and all sorts of alien strangeness.
Sports Illustrated
· SI Cover Tournament: Raising Alabama vs. Can Anyone Roll The Tide?  
The people who could not find a seat stood on the ramps or squatted in the aisles, as if it were Auburn down there, or Tennessee, and when the crowd roared, the sound really did roll like thunder across the sky.
The New York Times
· Protests in N.Y.C.: Latest Updates  
Weather: Expect a stormy afternoon, with thunder, rain and wind gusts.
The New York Times
· Rod Rosenstein, Key Figure in Russia Inquiry, Defends Mueller Appointment  
No consequence?” he thundered, before seamlessly shifting into denouncing the use of the Steele dossier information in the wiretap applications.