Haberlerde Tight

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football tight Sıkı futbol
football tight end Futbol sıkı sonu
tight end Sıkı son
tight ends Sıkı uçlar
very tight Çok sıkı

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The Independent
· Borussia Dortmund desperate to rewrite history against Bayern Munich in Bundesliga’s biggest clash  
His Dortmund team are not ruthless enough, especially in tight games.
· On this day: Born May 27, 1967: Paul Gascoigne, English football player  
Gascoigne has admitted regretting not joining Ferguson, who may have kept him on a tighter leash than at Tottenham, where he indulged in London's night life and claimed he once brought an ostrich to training.
The Age
· The $60 billion question: why did JobKeeper cost so much less than expected?  
Given the tight time frames and heightened uncertainty, Richardson says Treasury did a good job.
The Independent
· Would the NHS and social care survive without foreign staff?  
Opposition parties and campaign groups have accused ministers of “hypocrisy” over their attitude to NHS staff and care workers, as the government attempts to bring in much tighter immigration controls for the UK.
The New York Times
· How Kobe Bryant Created His Own Olympic Dream Team  
With just over three minutes remaining in a tight game, Bryant effectively sealed the win with a 4-point play.
The China Post
· Worker shortage concerns loom in immigrant-heavy meatpacking  
A plan to add 35,000 seasonal workers — which Trump supports in tight labor markets — was suspended in April for “present economic circumstances.”
Seeking Alpha
· Nabors Industries: Rig Quality Remains Uncompromised Despite The Pressure  
The company's leverage is higher than some of its peers, which can be concerning when the credit market is getting tight.
· Japan shares hit 10-week peak, S&P 500 tests 3,000  
The decline in U.S. yields might have been a burden for the dollar but with rates everywhere near or less than zero, major currencies have been holding to tight ranges.
The New York Times
· Bamboozles  
And you’re in luck, because Neville Forgarty has a smooth, tight and very enjoyable puzzle for you.