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Colocaciones de ejemplo

first time Primera vez
long time Largo tiempo
same time Mismo tiempo
second time Segunda vez
time when Tiempo cuando

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The Wall Street Journal
· Joe Kindred’s Recipe for Charred Squid With Ajo Blanco and Cilantro Pistou  
Total Time: 25 minutes Serves: 4
The Wall Street Journal
· Recipe: Creamy Coleslaw  
Total Time: 15 minutes Serves: 10
The Economist
· Brave new word: Pandating: coronavirus and the language of love  
At the time of writing, Andrew Cuomo is still believed to be single.Ethan Croft
The Age
· New vice-chancellor for University of Queensland starts in August  
She is the current chair of Universities Australia and will begin her time as University of Queensland vice-chancellor from August 3.
The Guardian
· The power of touch: Having sex with another woman shook my brain and restarted my heart  
Everyone’s “first time” is different: a drunken, messy affair; a gentle experience with a committed partner; a huge disappointment; a satisfying endeavour – or a combination.
The Guardian
· Lucky dip: 17 delicious dunkable snacks that aren’t hummus – from blue cheese to broad bean  
You have to bake the aubergine for about 45 minutes, by which time you could have produced and consumed several other dips.
Financial Express
· India-Iran Relations: US sanctions delayed India's invovement in connectivity projects, says expert  
According to a statement released at the time, this MoU was signed between IRCON of India and Construction, Development of Transport and Infrastructure Company (CDTIC) of Iran.
The Age
· Queensland hotspot hotel visitors cleared as Premier backs border measures  
District Chief Superintendent Wheeler told reporters that the addition of the Campbelltown and Liverpool city regions in NSW to Queensland's list on Tuesday meant many travellers may not have had time to update their declarations.
The Japan Times
· Is the Article 9 labyrinth merely academic?  
A specialist in international relations, Shinoda notes “the right of belligerency,” “war as a sovereign right of the nation” and “the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes,” purportedly abandoned by Japan through Article 9, no longer existed at the time the Constitution was drafted.
Malay Mail
· Asian markets mostly up on vaccine, stimulus hopes  
“Sure, there may well be some profit-taking due to the run the market has been on, but we then go back to the wall of money argument time and time again.