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Seeking Alpha
· 10% Preferred Yield And 50% Appreciation From Ramco-Gershenson  
The primary risk for RPT.PD is that the retail apocalypse, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic and any secondary waves, could topple it into bankruptcy.
· Democrats have a plan to automatically expand health coverage in a pandemic  
From the Washington Redskins to Aunt Jemima, a racist history is primed to be toppled.
Sports Illustrated
· NFL Identity Crisis: Cowboys Vs. Washington Enters New Era  
Statues toppling.
The Guardian
· War of the Worlds: the pioneering work of science fiction inspired by Australian brutality  
It’s not known if Welles knew of this hoax, although he was familiar with a similar BBC radio ruse from 1926, courtesy of Catholic priest and broadcaster Ronald Knox, which interrupted a program on 18th century literature to claim that Big Ben had been toppled by trench mortars and the Savoy Hotel had been torched.
Washington Post
· Up next for police defunding advocates: Win local elections  
In Washington, D.C., city council candidate Janeese Lewis George, backed by the Working Families Party, toppled an incumbent Democrat on a “defunding” platform and is in line to claim the seat in November.
Sports Illustrated
· Ottis Anderson Touted as Cardinals Best Player Not Enshrined in HOF  
In Super Bowl XXV, Anderson rumbled for 102 yards and a touchdown to help the Giants topple the favored Bills.
· Bahrain top court upholds two death sentences  
Bahrain claimed Iran trained and backed the demonstrators in order to topple the Manama government -- an accusation Tehran denies.