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Washington Post
· Belarus’ leader of 26 years warns against election protests  
The Kremlin has been particularly irked by Belarus touting the prospect of handing over some of the contractors to Ukraine, which wants to prosecute them on charges of fighting alongside Russia-backed separatists in the country’s east.
Ars Technica
· Here’s why Apple believes it’s an AI leader—and why it says critics have it all wrong  
Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) now permeate nearly every feature on the iPhone, but Apple hasn't been touting these technologies like some of its competitors have.
The Wall Street Journal
· Fortunes Won and Lost Trading in Kodak Stock: Inside a Wild Week  
Driving the sudden swings was a series of events: early rumors of the deal on social media, a White House press conference touting the possible loan, stock option grants given to a Kodak executive as well as several board members and confusion over whether the deal was final.
The Age
· Rennie has his eyes on a Wallabies scrum coach but may not get his man  
While Brumbies coach Dan McKellar has been touted as a likely forwards coach, Rennie is also super keen to employ a specialist scrum analyst and has a man he knows very well in mind.
The Guardian
· Think 'sanctions' will trouble China? Then you're stuck in the politics of the past  
In the years after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, administrations of both parties touted the absurd theory that the best plan was to let China get rich and then watch as freedom and democracy evolved as byproducts of capitalist development.
Washington Post
· Lack of study and oversight raises concerns about tear gas  
He said the development of highly concentrated pepper extract resin, or OC, which is deployed in spray cans or canisters, are touted as being safer than the more common version of tear gas — known as CS — but “there is no research backing this up.”
Liverpool Echo
· Conor Coady and Philippe Coutinho prove Liverpool transfer situation has changed  
Coady has been touted by some fans as an ideal recruit to bolster defensive options.
· Facebook, Twitter take aim at Trump 'misinformation'  
After a brief change in tone last month, he recently reverted to medical speculation, criticizing his own top virus expert -- and praising an eccentric preacher-doctor touting conspiracy theories.
Washington Post
· Trump leads July fundraising, but Biden closes resources gap  
Campaigns often tout small contributions from grassroots donors as a sign of enthusiasm and Biden’s campaign is no exception.