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alternatively spliced transcript Alternatif olarak eklenmiş transkript
spliced transcript Eklenmiş konuşma metni
spliced transcript variants Eklenmiş transkript varyantları
transcript variants Transkript varyantları
transcript variants encoding Transkript varyantları kodlama

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The New York Times
· Watch Joe Biden’s Remarks on the Death of George Floyd  
Here is a transcript of Mr. Biden’s remarks.
· Key decision awaits new intel chief over release of Flynn call  
Amid a raging political fight over the origins of the Russia probe, there have been growing calls from Republicans and Democrats alike to release “transcripts” or “tapes” of calls from December 2016 between Flynn, then the incoming national security adviser, and Sergey Kislyak, then the Russian ambassador to the U.S.
The New York Times
· Congress Calls State Dept. Officials for Interviews in Expanded Pompeo Inquiry  
“As these interviews take place, we plan to make public the transcripts of those proceedings as quickly as possible,” they said.
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· Fed’s Kaplan Says Strong Virus-Testing Regime Will Be Needed to Boost Confidence, Hasten Decline in Unemployment  
Here is a transcript of that conversation,...
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· SaaS Moats And Key Factors, With Industry Veteran Justen Stepka (Podcast)  
Click play above to listen and watch out for a transcript on Monday.
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Editors' Note: This is the transcript of the podcast we posted yesterday.