Haberlerde Transpire

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The New York Times
· The Flynn Calls: His Dismissal of Russian Interference and the Kremlin’s Savvy  
about what transpired during the Kislyak calls, Attorney General William P. Barr called the conversations “laudable,” saying that Mr. Flynn was trying to keep Russia from escalating tensions with the United States.
The Guardian
· Australia still turns a blind eye to Aboriginal people dying in police custody  
Despite the fact that only Aboriginal people were imprisoned for what transpired on Palm Island, the best Nine News could muster in response to this compensation payout was a news report essentially accusing residents of fraud and reckless spending of “taxpayer monies”.
· Should SaaS founders be raising capital now?  
Changes to private market valuations often lag behind what transpires in the public markets.
The Atlantic
· Becoming a Parent in the Age of Black Lives Matter  
So much of this feels heartbreakingly similar to what transpired a few years ago.
BBC Sport
· Frank McDougall on guiding Aberdeen to title  
As it transpired, there were plenty heroes on that day as the team from the North East of Scotland pulverised Hearts 3-0, but perhaps none more so than McDougall.
The Independent
· George Floyd: Journalists in several cities injured and arrested covering protests  
But much of what has transpired against reporters was perpetrated by police.
The New York Times
· Washington Braces for Another Night of George Floyd Protests  
“We’re trying to recover as best we can from what transpired last night and then tonight it’s supposed to be the same thing, so we’ll probably be back tomorrow, doing the same thing,” he said, paint roller in hand.
The Guardian
· My favourite game: England v Australia, Fifth Test, the Oval 2009  
Tickets for day four of the final Test at the Oval – the day, it transpired, when the Ashes would be decided.
· George Floyd couldn't breathe. We protest because now all of Black America can't either.  
We have yet to see what happens to these officers, as well as what transpires (or doesn’t) from any trial.
Hong Kong Free Press
· China’s Hong Kong problem: Now there’s nobody else to blame  
The “trouble,” it now transpires, is not that a large swathe of Hong Kong’s population disrespected China’s flag and national anthem because they were unhappy with China’s part in Hong Kong’s dysfunctional politics, but rather that China was unhappy because Hong Kong people disrespected those symbols – and the hell with why.