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public transportation Toplu taşıma
transportation infrastructure Ulaşım altyapısı
transportation infrastructure made Ulaşım altyapısı yapıldı
transportation system Ulaşım sistemi
used public transportation Ikinci el toplu taşıma

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Seeking Alpha
· Polyus Has Been Hit By The Coronavirus, And This Hit May Be Pretty Hurtful  
I also read the comments under another article; a relative of a Polyus' worker shared quite shocking information that the testing wasn't organized properly, people were allowed to work with a fever, and due to the absence of transportation, 19 workers of Polyus' subsidiaries escaped from the mine through the woods.
The Japan Times
· Pandemic a boon for the bicycle as thousands snap them up  
Johnson, 25, is among thousands of cooped-up Americans snapping up new bicycles or dusting off decades-old bikes to stay fit, keep their sanity or have a safe alternative to public transportation.
Malay Mail
· Philippine leader answers call of workers begging to go home  
“The president said they can use all government resources and whatever means of transportation — bus, airplane, ships — to bring the OFWs home,” Duterte's spokesman, Harry Roque, said today.
· 'It's kind of glum': US farmers worry as crop prices dip  
But the coronavirus hit before the benefits of that deal could be felt, disrupting transportation and operations at slaughterhouses, sapping demand, while the global oil price crash closed the ethanol and biofuel plants that could have picked up the slack.
· Goodbye office: Is the future of work in our homes?  
Not all jobs can be done from home, she explained, citing her clients in industries such as retail, food services and transportation.
· Public employees brace for layoffs  
Why it matters: Nearly two-thirds of state spending goes to education, health care and transportation, per the CBPP.
Financial Express
· OMCs' profits seen diving 88% to Rs 3,600 crore in FY20  
The government has hiked excise on transportation fuel by Rs 10 per litre on petrol and Rs 13 per litre on diesel on May 5, after raising taxes by Rs 3 per litre for both petrol and diesel on March 14.
Financial Express
· No crowds at lunch: Staying safe at workplace cafeterias  
As part of revised solutions, kitchen operations are in tune with FSSAI benchmarks on raw material handling, food preparation, kitchen hygiene standards and food transportation.
The China Post
· Insider Q&A: Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky  
Chesky recently laid off 25% of Airbnb’s staff — or 1,900 workers — and suspended projects not directly related home-sharing, like movie production and transportation.