“Treasure” in the news

Example collocations

buried treasure
national treasure
treasure hunt
treasure hunters
treasure trove

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· John E. Randall, Ichthyologist Extraordinaire, Dies at 95  
“I barely made it to my bunk before collapsing, but Jack continued to process and photograph his treasured specimens into the wee hours of the morning.”
The New York Times
· A Manhunt on the 17th Century’s High Seas  
In his new book, “Enemy of All Mankind,” Steven Johnson writes about the first global manhunt, which occurred near the end of the 17th century, after the notorious English pirate captain Henry Every commandeered an attack on the Mughal treasure ship Ganj-i-Sawai.
· The highlights of HBO Max’s deep catalog  
HBO Max’s bountiful treasures may be hard to find, but they’re worth looking for.
The Age
· The secrets haunting the Wonnangatta Valley  
Wally was married to another high country legend, Freda Treasure, who ran her own cattle away across the mountains to the south on the Dargo High Plains.
The Age
· Your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, May 30  
Trash or treasure?
The Age
· Call of the wild: listen up, people, time is running out  
Meanwhile, to the east, west, north and south of me, tens of thousands of people were being evacuated, towns were beingengulfed by rolling waves of flame, smoke and radiant heat; lives, homes and treasured keepsakes were being lost, more than one billion animals were being vaporised – dying creatures everywhere – and birds, tens of millions of king parrots, crimson rosellas, lorikeets, kookaburras, whip birds, bower birds, every type of wattlebird, black cockatoos, white cockatoos, galahs, were dropping from the heavens.
The New York Times
· Have Separation Anxiety? Try Holding a Hinge  
They’re timeless, tactile treasures that grant us our part in the matter, or at least give us the illusion we have a say.
The Guardian
· 'Free drinks, drugs, boys': what happens next for RuPaul's Drag Race winners  
“I’ve always been a very political person, I didn’t want to become something I didn’t believe in.” Alongside performing, releasing music and a 2020 HBO documentary series, We’re Here, Bob’s weekly podcast, Sibling Rivalry, cohosted with her best friend and fellow drag queen Monét X Change, has become a treasured outlet.
The Age
· A burning question about how to deal with writers' final wishes  
They contained the original outline of In Search of Lost Time, and who knows what other treasures.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Hong Kong leader appeals to public for ‘full understanding’ and ‘staunch support’ of national security law  
In her opening sentences, Lam described Hong Kong as “the home we all treasure,” defined by the “Lion Rock spirit” in which citizens would set aside differences to pursue their dreams together.