“Treat” in the news

Example collocations

not treat
treat all
treat cancer
treat patients
used to treat

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· Primark's Reopening Seems Not To Be A Problem  
H&M treated suppliers rather better.
The New York Times
· These Brownies Are as Sweet as Candy  
Chewy, salty and run through with brown butter, these treats are ideal dessert material.
Seeking Alpha
· A Healthy Yield From A Healthy Enough Company: Aviva  
If that doesn't happen, it will damage my investment thesis, which relies on a high yield and treats the recent dividend suspension as a one-off.
The Independent
· Uber Eats offers free delivery from restaurants owned and run by black people  
Khosrowshahi also reiterated Uber’s commitment to creating a “community that treats everyone equally and with dignity” and said the company does not tolerate “discrimination, harassment, or racism” on its platform.
The New York Times
· Why Black Lives Matter Has New Momentum  
“Seven years ago, we were treated like we were too radical, too out of the bounds of what is possible,” said Alicia Garza, the civil rights organizer based in Oakland, Calif., who coined the phrase in a 2013 Facebook post after George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
· The New York Times staff revolt over Tom Cotton’s op-ed, explained  
Since Donald Trump’s election, there have been running discussions in every mainstream media organization about how to cover a man who openly treats them as the enemy.
Seeking Alpha
· You Want REITs, But Not These  
Both are treated as expenses under GAAP.
· Prime suspect in Madeleine McCann disappearance linked to similar case in Germany  
The case was being treated as a suspected murder, German police said in a statement Thursday, adding they had determined the method used to kill McCann.
· Instacart makes changes to tip policy following shopper complaints  
However, the policy change shows progress on how the company treats its shopper network, who have been essential as shelter-in-place orders keep people and the immunocompromised from going to grocery stores.
· Protests put spotlight on women of color as potential Biden running mate  
In some places, it’s even complicating emergency room efforts to treat coronavirus patients, according to Dr. Bellal Joseph, a trauma division chief at the College of Medicine in Tucson, Arizona.