“Troop” in the news

Example collocations

troop carrier
troop concentrations
troop movements
troop transport
troop transports

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· ‘The need to fortify your house shows weakness’: Heavily secured White House at odds with its long history as ‘the people’s house’  
Armed guards and sharpshooters and combat troops are omnipresent.
Al Jazeera
· Qatar-Gulf crisis: Your questions answered  
Saudi Arabia went further, withdrawing Qatari troops from the Saudi-led war in Yemen.
The Guardian
· First Thing: a message to white America: 'Get your knee off our necks'  
The New York Times has issued a mea culpa over its widely criticised publication of an op-ed by the Republican senator Tom Cotton, in which he urged President Trump to “send in the troops” to quell protests.
Financial Express
· India-China border standoff: Articulate National Security Strategy and clearly define approach in dealing with geopolitical challenges  
The Chinese have used force to cross our LAC and deployed troops in the area.
The Independent
· George Floyd protests: Trump’s threat of military action ‘very dangerous’, warn retired US generals  
The president’s threats to employ military troops to put down protests in American cities and his steps to pull Pentagon leaders into his response to unrest in the nation’s capital have dramatically escalated the tensions that have beset the military since Mr Trump took office, highlighting the fragility of norms surrounding the military’s role in public life.
· Libya government says retakes Haftar's last redoubt in west  
Tarhuna was the main rear base for the devastating offensive against the capital that Haftar's forces finally gave up this week, abandoning their remaining positions in the southern suburbs to advancing government troops.
The New York Times
· Live Updates on George Floyd Protests: A National Push for Sweeping Reforms  
President Trump moved on Thursday to begin sending home 82nd Airborne Division troops that he had ordered to Washington, amid a standoff with the Pentagon over the role of the armed forces in quelling protests that have broken out across the nation.
The Guardian
· ‘I cannot stand it’: family of Louisville man shot dead by police speak out  
It was just after midnight on 1 June when at least two trucks of national guard troops and a number of Louisville metro police department (LMPD) officers arrived at the intersection with the goal of breaking up the crowd that was gathered there in violation of curfew.
The Independent
· George Floyd protests: Trump and DC mayor clash over control of city’s streets as marches continue  
In a news conference on Thursday, Ms Bowser said she was alarmed by the growing presence of federal security authorities in the city and declared she wants federal “troops from out of state” kept out of the District.
Financial Express
· India-China talks: India to seek restoration of Status Quo along the LAC, say experts  
Troops of both armies do not hold ground in the disputed area along the LAC.