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charitable trust Hayırsever güven
did not trust Güvenmedi
not trust Güvenme
public trust Kamu güveni
trust fund Güvenilir kaynak

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The Guardian
· England's biggest landowners not growing enough trees – report  
Government departments, companies such as United Utilities and Network Rail, the royal family and organisations such as the Church of England and the National Trust are among the biggest owners of land in the country, but most have forest cover on their land that is only slightly above the national average, despite having pledged to reduce their carbon footprint.
Seeking Alpha
· All The Chatter Regarding Gold Is Overwhelmingly Positive. That Makes Me Cautious  
This reality has allowed the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), which is the most popular way to invest in gold for retail investors, to soar:
Seeking Alpha
· Why I Sold Dominion Energy  
In 2Q20, the -$2.8 billion impairment charge for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Supply Header project was only somewhat offset by a $400 million gain from the company’s nuclear decommissioning trust and a $550 million income tax benefit.
Malay Mail
· Najib withdraws appeal against dismissal of witness list, statements in SRC case  
Najib was sentenced to 12 years jail for the offence related to abuse of power, 10 years jail each for three criminal breach of trust offences.
BBC Sport
· GB wheelchair basketballer Sophie Carrigill on her Paralympic ambition in Tokyo  
Eventually, I started to feel more like my old self and I signed up to a course run by the Backup Trust, who do amazing things for people who suffer spinal cord injuries and it changed my life for the better.
The New York Times
· Seth Meyers: After TikTok, Trump Could Ban Candy Crush  
“The president can’t just unilaterally ban a social media app, and I don’t trust Republicans to regulate social media since most of them don’t seem to understand it.” — SETH MEYERS
The Japan Times
· Hindus in India set to build temple at razed mosque site  
As ordered by the Supreme Court, the Uttar Pradesh state government set up a trust last week for the building of a new mosque at a nearby site, in a village 25 kilometers (15 miles) from the spot where the Babri mosque was demolished by Hindu radicals.
Financial Express
· 'Congress should look into its past': Yogi Adityanath responds amid questions on Ram Mandir event  
The temple trust has invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the ceremony.
Financial Express
· Google buys $450M stake in ADT to give Nest a new perch San Ramon  
This despite recurring concerns about whether its devices can be trusted to preserve privacy because Google makes most of its money learning about people’s interests through its ubiquitous search engine and then selling ads based on that knowledge.
Financial Express
· Ram Mandir guest list: 135 seers, 40 eminent guests; Modi, 4 others to share stage - All you need to know about August 5 event  
The trust has vastly trimmed the guest list for the ceremony in view of the coronavirus outbreak.