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The Age
· Swedish economy suffers record hit but escapes 'horror show' after controversial COVID-19 approach  
Despite some of the most relaxed COVID-19 restrictions in the world, its exporters were hit by tumbling global demand and household spending slumped as the virus struck.
The Age
· Five reasons why gold prices could surge another 25 per cent this year  
Gold demand typically spikes in times of crisis or uncertainty - especially if equity markets tumble, as they did earlier this year.
· Singapore Banks Post Profit Declines on Mounting Provisions  
Gross domestic product tumbled an annualized 41.2% from the previous three months, the biggest quarterly contraction on record.
Washington Post
· Hiroshima’s Enola Gay carried 12 men, hope and the world’s deadliest weapon  
“Little Boy” tumbled out tail first, flipped over nose down, and began to fall through the last 43 seconds of the old era.
Seeking Alpha
· Marathon posts big Q2 loss but raises production guidance, trims capex  
Q2 production tumbled 10.3% to 390K boe/day from 435K boe/day in the year-ago quarter.
· Stunned by gold's record rise? There's more to come, analysts say  
Real returns on U.S. bonds - in normal times a much more popular perceived safe asset than gold - have tumbled to minus 1.07per cent from 0.15per cent at the start of the year, making bullion look like a better bet.
Seeking Alpha
· Locusts, COVID-19, Human Rights: All Impact Cotton  
Unsurprisingly, after Weilin's collapse, Australian cotton prices have tumbled.
Sports Illustrated
· New York Giants Team History and Timeline  
They climbed back to .500 the following year, but in 1966, the defense gave up 501 points, and they tumbled to a record of 1-12-1, the worst record in Giants' history, before or since.
The New York Times
· Four Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now  
In each drawing the picture plane is reliably shallow; bodies stack and tumble in these overlaid spaces, in a manner that recalls the compressed perspectives of Piranesi’s imaginary prisons.