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wild turkey Vahşi türkiye

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The Guardian
· Seth Meyers on Trump: 'The worst-case scenario is here'  
Trump “only has two modes: menacing sociopath or limp french fry that’s been sitting in the bottom of the bag soaking up all the oil”, Meyers continued, and on Monday, Trump “cycled through both of them”, threatening to unleash the military on American protesters at home on one hand and “listlessly reading off a teleprompter like he just finished a Thanksgiving meal of turkey with Sudafed stuffing” on the other.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· How Stock Prices Can Rally When The Economy And Corporate Earnings Aren't  
An extra sixty-four big shiny pennies is what I would expect to earn in a year if I bought a share of SPY at today's prices and then trussed it up like a Thanksgiving turkey garnished with put and call options (assuming a total cost and opportunity cost of $2.86).  Copy example sentence