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Örnek kollokasyonlar

around the turn Sıra etrafında
not turn Dönme
turn around Arkanı dön
turn back Geri dön
turn up Çıkagelmek

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

Malay Mail
· DRB-Hicom signs agreement to acquire Media City Ventures for RM100m  
MCVSB is an investment holding company and has a wholly-owned subsidiary, Media City Holdings Sdn Bhd (MCHSB) which, in turn, wholly owns Media City Development Sdn Bhd (MCDSB).
The Independent
· Arsenal transfer news: Dani Ceballos determined to ‘succeed’ at Real Madrid once loan deal expires  
“I had to be away for a long time due to injury but I worked hard to turn the situation around,” Ceballos said.
The New York Times
· Stop the Coronavirus Superspreaders  
This data in turn raise this crucial question: Why are some cases superspreaders and others not?
· Cafes reopen for business in Paris  
Andrew Cuomo on Monday said he will speak with Mayor Bill de Blasio about putting the country's biggest city under a curfew after some weekend protests over George Floyd's death turned violent.
The Guardian
· John Sentamu: I would join George Floyd protests  
But at the moment it turns to violence, I wouldn’t be there because I don’t believe violence is the same as going out and protesting.
The Guardian
· George Floyd protests: violence escalates overnight after Trump's threat to deploy army – live  
Curfews have been ignored, and both police and protesters are accused of unwarranted attacks, with confrontations in the street raising tensions and quickly turning peaceful protests into street fights.
BBC Sport
· Ffos Las: Executive director says it was 'not viable' to race at the Welsh course this summer  
Welsh racecourse executive director Phil Bell has said they turned down the chance to stage races at Ffos Las this summer - because it was too expensive.
The Independent
· Cole Sprouse arrested: Riverdale star detained after ‘peaceful’ Black Lives Matter protest  
“So before the voracious horde of media sensationalism decides to somehow turn it about me, there’s a clear need to speak about the circumstances: Black Lives Matter.”
The Guardian
· First Thing: police gassed protesters so Trump could get a photo op  
The former president offered advice on translating the demonstrations into a “turning point” for the struggle to address structural racism.
The Guardian
· Hundreds march in Sydney to protest against Indigenous deaths and George Floyd killing  
But we turn a blind eye to what happens in our own backyards.