Tweak trong tin tức

Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ

The New York Times
· Living With Aphantasia, the Inability to Make Mental Images  
Teachers who are aware of aphantasia can help with tweaks to their lessons that may benefit the rest of the class, just as accommodations for students with learning disabilities can help reinforce lessons for other students.
Washington Post
· How Companies Are Accounting for Covid-19  
At least eight borrowers have tweaked the figures in recent months to show investors how healthy their business would be if it weren’t for the damage wrought by Covid-19.
The Age
· When TV looks to the past to reveal the present  
The series’ starting point is a simple tweak of historical fact: with Hitler’s armies on the march in Europe, FDR loses the 1940 election to national hero Lindbergh, whose isolationist agenda opposes US entry into the war.
Financial Express
· Realme C11 review: Definitely not what you expected  
It has tweaked the hardware accordingly too, to cut cost, but the thing about an entry-level phone of its class is that you’re already aware that it’s going to have some limitations.
The Age
· Burger King vows to tackle climate change by changing cows' diets  
It tweaked the manner in which the beef in its Big Macs and Quarter Pounders was produced.
Sports Illustrated
· FSU Football's 2021 Schedule Altered  
But now after a slight tweak, the 'Noles and Irish will meet a day earlier, on Sunday, September 5.
Sports Illustrated
· SI All-American Candidate Maddox Kopp Highlights and Evaluation  
As he tweaks fundamentals and plays for a more consistent presence, including getting deeper in progressions and throwing from a strong base, he will have the chance to light up Power Five defenses down the road.
Sports Illustrated
· SI All-American Candidate Var'Keyes Gumms Highlights and Evaluation  
With a few tweaks and some development, Gumms could be a really impactful collegiate tight end who makes the difference in games.
· Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: COD Warzone patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One  
While the known Playlist tweaks are now in place, developers Infinity Ward have confirmed a range of new bugfixes to help improve the Battle Royale experience.
Washington Post
· Workhorse ingredients get a refresh in this honey-garlic chicken sheet-pan dinner  
Most often, such broad searches end up giving me the germ of an idea that I then tweak and tweak to get the dish where I want it to be.